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RORSCS Season 4 Sign Ups


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We are almost one month away from RORSCS. As we get closer to the season, I want to give a little information on what changes will be made to the season and what the season will look like going forward.

RORSCS is BACK and we'll be running the Biggest Season Yet with RORSCS running 46 total trucks and 3 total Stadium Tours! 

Series Information:
RORSCS will be running events Fridays and Sundays to accommodate for other running leagues currently. Fridays will run 1 event every week at 7:30PM EST, meanwhile Sunday will run 2 events one at 6:00PM EST and one at 8:00PM EST.

Event Changes:
RORSCS will be running a new series format this season with some slight changes to previous seasons. RORSCS will remain to only host Racing and Freestyle with the exception of week 1 running qualifying to create a first event bracket. the FS1 Stadium Series will be running 14 trucks and Stadium Tour 2 and 3 will be running 16. These lineups were created similar to the real 2016 lineups. RORSCS will be changing their streams a bit, we will be running more of a TV Presentation all season long. This will feature Pit Reporters, Pre-Shows, Host Predictions, and will be branding away from driver cards to onscreen TV graphics. 

Truck Changes:
We will be running regular WNB trucks but this season all trucks will be required to run the same engine settings to make for a more fair system. We will also be running a few non-official wnb trucks, trucks made by me to fill the lineups according to the 2016 season. These trucks will only be given to the driver of said truck. 

Sign ups will open tomorrow Friday 3/29 at 3:00PM EST. Sign ups will remain open for an entire week and close Friday 4/5. We'll be running a system similar to Season 2 and 3 where we will be doing a hand-selection of drivers to fit said trucks. 

Preferred Night for Competing:
Preferred 3 Trucks:

We can't wait to kick off the season in May!



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Name: larry zapf
Discord: theoneandonlybottom (or carolinianscum)
Preferred Night for Competing: any
Preferred 3 Trucks: metal mulisha maxd or sonuva digger (though i dont mind any!!!)

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Name: Felipe Cayres
Discord: fefecayresproductionsbackup
Preferred Night for Competing: Sundays
Preferred 3 Trucks: Avenger, Team Hot Wheels, Stone Crusher

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Discord:  abgamerx
Preferred Night for Competing: Friday 7:30 and Sunday 8 pm
Preferred 3 Trucks: Monster Mutt Rottweiler, Northern Nightmare, El Toro Loco (Werner)

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