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What is this site lacking?


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Please post here for thing the website could do to improve your experience while visiting sim-monsters.com. Suggestions for forums you would like to see, reductions of threads available to make for a more consolidated view. I'm open to anything just need the info to get things rolling.

For those of you clever people who would like to nitpick, please have your resolution to correct the issue before posting.


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Maybe some way of having the first post of a thread be on top of each new page. That way sign-ups and other important info will be seen by anyone on any page, and people who are to lazy to go back don't have any excuse. Another thing would be to maybe bring back those blog pages. I thought it would be cool to have a weekely update for racing to show developments in the points series and stuff. Also maybe get that watered down Photoshop back if possible.

And where did the arcade go?

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