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Freestyle only fun run today at 5:30 EST


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We will be using this track by Danny Mackey http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1320-mror-world-finals-4/

Chat will go up at 5:00 EST


Replicas only please, you may drive a non stock replica truck (we are to lazy to download customs)


You all know the drill:






Truck: (Link if necessary)


Daniel Simon in Avenger

Dylan Bernier in Captains Curse

Magnus Birkelund in Iron Outlaw

Voth in Monster Energy

Edy Beltran in Overkill Evolution http://sim-monsters....kill-evolution/

John Dough in Grave Digger

Zach Nicholas in Max-P

Danny Mackey in Titan 2014 http://sim-monsters....-2014-revamped/

Joshua Micks in Grave Digger the Legend

Jon Cannon in Mechanical Mischeif

Andrew Marsh in Bad Habit
Tharindu Don in (what do you think)

Jack in Monster Mutt 

Seth Holloway in Monster Mutt Rottweiler http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1354-monster-mutt-rottweiler-2014/ 

Aaron Lurie in Son-Uva Digger http://sim-monsters....gger-v4-update/

Blair Unlockedhart in Captain America

Trenton Ray in Barbarian
Jerimiah Price in El Toro Loco

Nathan Smith in Zombie

Trevor Amos in El Diablo

Bert in Stone Crusher

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