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RoR-TN Season 1 Race 2 Manchester 12/14/14


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2nd race in the 12 race season brings us to Manchester NH for another round of wheelies Racing and freestyle. Here's what you need to know


Aim Chat Times:

Aim Chat goes up: 4:00 PM EST 

Aim Chat closes and Drivers Meeting Starts: 4:30 PM EST


Track Link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1278-manchester-2014/


If you haven't signed up yet they are still open, but truck changes aren't allowed till race #6

The Youtube video of birmingham is almost finished just need commentary


Field of Trucks:

Dylan Bernier: Air Force Afterburner

Daniel Simon: Monster Mutt

Preston Perez: Wolverine

Hagan James: Hooked

Alan Echevarria: Black Stallion

Devin Doss: Thor

Alex Steinhaus: Bounty Hunter

Will Meyer: Stabilizer

Andrew Sheets: Ironman

Edy Beltran: Outlaw

Dalton Widner: Grave Digger

Jon Cannon: Weapon 1

Seth Halloway: Identity Theft
Chadwick Deerfoot: Over Bored
James Fontaine: The Patriot
Blake Thompson: Crusader
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