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Wrenchead.com Monster Jam event from January 15, 2000 in Pontiac, Michigan at the Silverdome


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By Paul Costantini

In January 15, 2000 over 45,0000,0000 fans packed the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan to see the best action in the motor city with 15 monster trucks including the "Best In The World" Grave Digger (Bow down Goldberg), Quad Wars, and Pro Stadium Trucks. The track layout was a U Turn Course with two mogels, and 1 set of cars. Those ramps would also be used for the Quads and Stadium trucks.

Monster Trucks:

Pontiac, Michigan is known for the best Monster Truck action in the world, I have to agree with Joe Lowe big time. Qualifying had some poor and heartbreaking qualifying times like some of the big stars (Bulldozer, and Predator), qualified in the 15th and 16th position. The former Michigan native Allen Pezo in Predator, now from Brentwood, Tennessee lost first round to Equalizer driven by David Morris, who is a former World Champion, he won 3 titles in 1989, 1994, and 1997. His teammate Larry Jarzell in Prowler, who qualified 7th lost out to Thrasher in round 1, who would later be taken out by Norm Miller driving Grave Digger, who cut Guy Wood in Bulldozer's win string after St Louis A week Ago. Miller would then defeat his old ride Bear Foot in the semi final round. David Morris in Equalizer would advance into the finals by defeating Screamon Demon and Samson in the semi finals. In the finals, Grave Digger had the good start, but had too much tire spin coming off the corner. Equalizer goes on for the win. In Freestyle, Equalizer had the lead score of 25, but that would be dethroned by Michigan native Jim Kohler in Avenger. Avenger was responsible for a wild rollover last year during freestyle, but here, the track bit him again, Jim came out with a big wheelie going over the buses, which caused him to do it again. Mike Dropik in Bear Foot saw the open spot and got big donuts to take the winning score of 31, which is 3 over Avenger, Equalizer, and Grave Digger.

Pro Stadium Trucks

Don Williams in Midnite Madness put a little Midnite Madness on ya, mostly in bed. He started off with a bang setting the quickest qualifying time at 23.02. The four truck final Shootout went like this: Midnite Madness wins over Monster Patrol, On The Edge edges out Ram Rod II. On The Edge loses a tight one to Midnite Madness.

Quad Wars

The Quad Wars portion inside the Silverdome was a bloodthirsty battle between the two top continents: The U.S. and Canada. Team US led by captain Rich Tompkins, #6 held the 1 spot on the first two laps but on the final lap, Moore is able to propel the Canadians into the lead which gave them the win and their first inside the Silverdome. Next week in Toronto, Ontario, both teams will collide, but who will prevail???

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Yea, and Matt Demko's smokin coke behind our backs. WHAT ARE U EVEN TALKING ABOUT???

I am talking about the Pontiac Monster Jam January 15, 2000. I am a future Monster Jam announcer. I am the smartest person in the world

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To be fair, if he didn't put 6 too many zeros in the amount of people and as long as he didn't copy this from somewhere else, it isn't too bad of a write up. He seems to have his facts together, although I don't really know anything from the early 2000's Monster Jam Wise.


and now for question of the day.


How is there 4,500,000,000 people in the stadium if there is only 7,000,000 people in the world?

*it only joke, why you have to be mad?*

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