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  1. Started working on the 2005-2007 version
  2. I started one a While ago. Maybe I'll get back to it after I'm done with a couple other projects.
  3. Concussion, since there is not too many of those on this site.
  4. Made this back in October when I had interest in Redoing the 2005-2008 2xtreme trucks. The font for this Logo is Franklin Gothic Heavy and the Star I got off another Kragen logo.
  5. I have these trucks in progress, Have the Devastator paint done, just need to paint The Felon. Since you're new next time use this when doing a truck request.:
  6. Here is a comparison of the activision body and the one I used: the highlighted one is the one I used Figured out the graininess, I had the samples too low when I baked it
  7. The start of something I've been wanting to do for a while. The finished pack will include Hanc0ck's,Farrell's, and Weenk's trucks
  8. I ran into this problem while doing my 2008 Curse PEI so I just used Blaise's Toxic as a base since it already has front SB nodes and all I had to do was align them.
  9. Got some more work done on my Curse pack. Also @Outlawed did you ever do the 2016 Cohen? \
  10. Decided to put all my current projects on hold until I'm done with this. The start of a pack that I thought of while working on Curse 2016. This also will be the sequel pack to my Blacksmith Pack. To start I did the pre-wreck version of the truck. The pack will Include the 2010-2012 and 2013-2016 versions of the truck
  11. Had the itch to paint
  12. 2xtreme Body
  13. The one with white rims is the original 94 version, the one pictured is the rebuilt version when it first got the red shocks in the mid to late 90's.
  14. Some more work on 10, fixed the body and redid the nodes. Gonna start Rad Rescue soon. I also started this months ago and almost gave up on it until I learned how to edit nodes.
  15. .37 for most things .4 for compatibility testing