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  1. Had the itch to paint
  2. The one with white rims is the original 94 version, the one pictured is the rebuilt version when it first got the red shocks in the mid to late 90's.
  3. Some more work on 10, fixed the body and redid the nodes. Gonna start Rad Rescue soon. I also started this months ago and almost gave up on it until I learned how to edit nodes.
  4. .37 for most things .4 for compatibility testing
  5. Can you send that to me. I promised a member that I would help him revamp this truck once a body was available.
  6. X-Box One S 1TB El Toro Loco Crew Shirt Thrasher 2015 Battle Slammer A Model Kit A couple gift cards GMG shirt and pajama pants
  7. The real truck is a 98-02 Silverado not an S-10. For the chassis it's a standard PEI
  8. 10, 11 is a ride truck. Yes this the truck Pablo drove from 94-2000
  9. Thought I'd take a shot at a classic Digger.
  10. I have a set of Bigfoot Rims If you want use them. They have the ZF Planetary and Lugs
  11. I have the body and bake. I guess I could take a shot at making it
  12. The only thing that is 2 is the body. The chassis was built by a group of tech students. This truck was then used for a water crossing in the currituck sound. The front clip I believe is off of 3. The original 2 chassis was used as a display in the dungeon with GD 5's body on it. This truck was nicknamed Wave Digger and is now functional again thanks to Adam.
  13. I love the early 2000's