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  1. Been practicing my painting
  2. I for one start a little conservative then if I don't flip early start to go bigger as the run goes on. My favorite moves to do are wheelies,big air,donuts, and reverse moves including a reverse donut. If the track allows I like to hit a backflip towards the end of my run. I'm also not too huge on crazy saves. I like to try and keep my freestyles realistic
  3. Thanks for the kind words. I've been on this site since 2011 and did not start getting into truck creating about a year after V4 came out. Getting ready to get back into it since taking a break from content creation for a month. My plan is to get my Captain's Curse pack done first then start working on my other projects.
  4. Started working on the 2005-2007 version
  5. I started one a While ago. Maybe I'll get back to it after I'm done with a couple other projects.
  6. Concussion, since there is not too many of those on this site.
  7. Made this back in October when I had interest in Redoing the 2005-2008 2xtreme trucks. The font for this Logo is Franklin Gothic Heavy and the Star I got off another Kragen logo.
  8. I have these trucks in progress, Have the Devastator paint done, just need to paint The Felon. Since you're new next time use this when doing a truck request.:
  9. Here is a comparison of the activision body and the one I used: the highlighted one is the one I used Figured out the graininess, I had the samples too low when I baked it
  10. The start of something I've been wanting to do for a while. The finished pack will include Hanc0ck's,Farrell's, and Weenk's trucks
  11. I ran into this problem while doing my 2008 Curse PEI so I just used Blaise's Toxic as a base since it already has front SB nodes and all I had to do was align them.
  12. Got some more work done on my Curse pack. Also @Outlawed did you ever do the 2016 Cohen? \
  13. Decided to put all my current projects on hold until I'm done with this. The start of a pack that I thought of while working on Curse 2016. This also will be the sequel pack to my Blacksmith Pack. To start I did the pre-wreck version of the truck. The pack will Include the 2010-2012 and 2013-2016 versions of the truck
  14. Had the itch to paint
  15. 2xtreme Body