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  1. YES.
  2. When i get my passaport
  3. Meh, not really feeling it for this year. I migth not go, and rather go the US or to the Pokemon TCG regionals
  4. Is that what your mom says about B.B.Cs? Sorry had to. No news on Mexico show for this year yet?
  5. I'm giving up
  6. Wf 18 soon. (Nah, jk, taking super break) [I'll be back with an awesome custom track later this year] Great track btw @Tom Deents, love that dirt texture (Send please?)
  7. So Dennis is not competing on the World Finals... anymore? Please explain
  8. Here's mine: http://challonge.com/es/tournaments/WorldFinals18/predictions/137088/edit?token=86d97b80f32201346200723c913352cc
  9. rigs of rods

    The image also has to have transparency
  10. It's in my external harddrive. I've been inactive because of various reasons I moved all my ROR stuff to an external hard drive, that drive has all of my videos, ROR stuff, and some photos. I migth be able to send some to stuff to people for them to finish/realase them Life has been busy af, a side from the fact that i'm kind of getting away from the computer more often and also less interested on ROR slowly
  11. HAVE YOU EVEN BOTHERED?! HAVE YOU EVER?!?! My will to live is -10
  12. Incredible job @Hagan Moskau & @rockgod88
  13. Fullboar makes it into YGS Fullboar wins YSG Fullboar quals to Racing Fullboar wins Racing Fullboar wins Freestyle Fullboar encore