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  1. I'm sad
  2. Honestly, i just made it because i was depressed and wanted to get distracted
  3. Learn how to properly revamap a paint. A book by Edy Beltran, now in stores for 10.99!
  4. I never said it ruined my experience, but ok, i guess? I just said it was a bummer to see something classic go away :/ But fine i guess, put words in my mouth
  5. This really sucks... I mean for fuvk sake, it's their 25 Anniversary, they won't stop talking about it, but they are changing one of the most iconic things IMO. As you said, ATLEAST they kept the USHRA logo, ATLEAST. But i dunno, this kind of stuff really kills the vibe of Monster Jam, i've been seeing officials wear the same uniform since i started following Monster Jam in 2004-5 (Wow that's almost 13 years), this a big bummer for me.
  6. @Garrett Hanson Why are your track pics SO small?
  7. I used to watch FSI series on Fox Sports 3 You guys sure need to have FS3
  8. I've played it a few times with my cousins, it's pretty fun! You should!
  9. I'm creating this topic to talk about traiding card games!, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, etc. As for me i collect & play Pokemon cards. I'm also planning of starting to play Magic! (Ask me what you want) As for you reading this do you like traiding card games? Share your collections! Deck lists! etc. You know what to talk about, please don't get off topic
  10. A jacket Pokemon Booster packs Gift cards T shirts Money
  11. Make one where you flip the colors Decals are normal/black and the rest is chrome
  12. Fullboar is going to be the new WF champion I'm calling it
  13. I just want to see ramps with fountains.
  14. Jotaro is a 100/10 The Slushii flip sucks
  15. I'm interested on making this.