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  1. Guess who is back at it again making tracks?
  2. It's not Houston, it's Indy, i never exported it, and never bothered to do WF 11 was oversized and didn't felt like remaking it
  3. DO YOU THINK I'M NOT GOING TO EDIT?! Ok. understantable, have a nice day
  4. Now, for you guys to tear up, thanks to @erhminer, i've been searching in my external hardrive, and found some old project i: -Never finished -gave up on making -Didn't feel like completing them -Had a massive failure in game So yeah. These will never be relased (They migth be, but i doubt it since i want to work on new stuff). Still, i just wanted to show you guys some of my ideas & desgins i got to make, enjoy! If you want to hear the reasons or the background history just ask about it or send me a DM, you can also message me on discord (#3598) Ah, yeah, this last one is corrupted sadly
  5. I don't know if this is legitimate or a extract of the most pure sarcasm in the game. So my reply back to you is, aja
  6. You ni🅱🅱as thougth i was not posting?
  7. Edy's Madness. There's your only hint.
  8. Plz no, everything beside... wurld finals 18
  9. Is it mah turn already? Ok, hold my soda
  10. This is what the american dream really is about
  11. sorry for double post Last update for today
  12. I mean last time i was only using paint.net whic really... sucked in some way for painting? Now i'm using Photoshop CS6 which is way better and faster! So it's a maybe. Still going to take a lot of time
  13. XXXEdycion