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  1. Muy Bueno Señor. Looks a lot better. Rap Attack is cool too but you got Toro up to par!
  2. Because your trucks are nothing less than amazingly beautiful, I'm not letting you miss the details on this one... The truck logo needs to be all red. You have it shifting into the normal yellow about halfway up. It's cool, but not accurate. Flames should be a darker orange. You have them a little too light. Monster Jam logo is squished into that corner, I'd suggest moving down next to the wheel well above the headers. Also, in this picture it looks like the shock accents are purple, however I can't find any other pictures to confirm this... I'm seeing more pictures with them being black like you have, but I swear I saw them as purple usually... Is it better? Yes, but it's not perfect quite yet. You're on the right track
  3. Ayyy here's the whole truck... Looks sweet!
  4. Do not ask questions about when content will be released. This behavior is frowned upon, and future begging may result in suspensions or bans.
  5. Flames and Logo needs to be changed
  6. These actually look really good as is! I really like those solid gray rims with everything else
  7. I think Wild Flower'a chassis might be more of a dark navy blue as opposed to this color. Other than that it's looking great. You've come a long way from some of your older content! Keep up the great work!
  8. They usually do. I think every body has had the LED eyes
  9. I'm assuming that this is a rough draft and that you're not completely finished yet, but there are a few things to fix. Bandana is one, but the flames on the Yellow truck are purple not orange. Also I'm guessing that you just put it on Marc's chassis because it was there, but her shocks don't have the orange accents. Kayla's had yellow, but Becky's was black. Other than that, you make some incredible content. Can't wait to see what's next!
  10. Looks good!
  11. This is SYP, and your post doesn't belong here. Either post in Help & Support or the Everything That Doesn't Belong in SYP thread.
  12. Sources say he has joined the faculty of Monster Jam University and is training the next line of announcers.
  13. Red digger had the red shocks on it, not black ones. Also, blue one needs to sit WAYYY higher ride height wise... Other than that they look fantastic!
  14. Soo... uhhh... yeah... I guess Marc still gets his black bull...
  15. I'm digging the new snake bite logo. Looks sweet! Can't wait for the whole truck!