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  1. Are these time tables posted anywhere? I'd love to have these for my bracket picking...
  2. I actually really dig the paint job, but the name isn't clicking with me. It's a bright American paint scheme, but night vision is dark and green. Totally up to you, but my two cents is to change the name. You got the curved front clip right... 11/10. I've been hoping that someone would correctly model that, and you did it! All in all, you've got some crazy awesome content. Can't wait to see what else you got cooking
  3. Hasn't qualifying been before Friday night racing these past few years? I thought they did practice laps on Thursday in between Young Guns events and Friday was actually qualifying. I just remembered having a really small window of time to try to whip up my bracket...
  4. I don't think that truck is ready. On a side note, it looked like the Brutus on display was on Rummell's Rage chassis, so maybe the Wrecking Crew & Brutus trucks aren't making the trip out.
  5. And they actually think that he's not doing something new this year... You actually think for his 20th Anniversary that he wouldn't do something special?
  6. Sorry to double post, but I didn't think I needed to edit my previous post. Blue Thunder in Saudi was just a blue body with the logo slapped on.
  7. Ehhh Why Not Alex Steinhaus Superman steiale#4730
  8. Steven had the purple hot wheels Mohawk Warrior, Neil had the red max-d and as mentioned Tony had the original Superman. Dragon had all green rims like Alien Invasion and it looked sick...
  9. No it's 32 with Collectors on because of Stupid FELD no likey digger zoomie vroom vroom. One thing I noticed with most of the 32's I've seen is that the body sits really forward on the chassis in my opinion. Might just be me, and I'm probably wrong, but this was a common trend I noticed.
  10. I think he could easily win the Double Down Showdown and get in that way, but as I said with Buyten, Rookies should not be in the big show without earning a spot from either their respective point series or the Double Down Showdown.
  11. Good Start, but a few things: Ride height could be a bit higher Bowtie area needs the front square hole for the jack mount in the front Bowtie are could be cleaned up color wise - I see a few black spots in there... Speaking of the bowtie, I wouldn't mind seeing a version with the black bowtie if you're up to it. I attached this pic for your reference
  12. I assume he did speedsters tho? Man, I've always wondered what it would be like to see some of these old guys take on the Triple Threat Series setup and how they'd do behind the wheel of the speedsters and ATV's...
  13. Doubtful. Cole won last year but was back in the arenas. Same with Morgan. After next season though I could see him stretching his legs on the bigger floors tho... maybe even this summer/fall/early winter.
  14. I know you're going for customs here, but have you thought about using those bodies on the bigfoot chassis to make replicas?
  15. Both Tom & Dennis will be at Vegas as honored guests and will be present at other activities throughout the weekend.