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  1. Rims should only have the hub black and the rest of that inner circle green. Otherwise looks great!
  2. The front clip of the dodge you have is from an older model year. The newer model year has a different hood, mainly in grill shape and headlight area shape. I don't know really how to describe it in words, so I'll just post this pic... Compared to what you have (Looks like this...)
  3. New Truck for Monster Truck Throwdown. Looks like the former Temperature Rising that's teamed up with Anger Management?
  4. New Team Scream truck is called Axe
  5. Saw this posted on Instagram
  6. I did read somewhere that they will not be competing in this weekend's show somewhere. I think it was a 18 truck indie lineup at some speedway in Michigan if I'm remembering correctly.
  7. Trainee Driver... means that she's been to MJU but that doesn't mean she drives on tour... Thanks for the confirmation @Pink Guy Also Kevin King and the Fluffy team have a second truck now
  8. Source to confirm this? Not seeing anything on her Instagram so I'm just curious where you found this.
  9. Camden Murphy will be filling in for Bryce Kenny driving Great Clips Mohawk Warrior for Foxboro. Can't wait to see what these Triple Threat guys can do when they can stretch out in a stadium.
  10. Well my fellow Wisconsinite, Nothing is up on the tickets page on Monster Jam's site. I vaguely remember seeing one on there tho, but there was an independent promoter there in February.
  11. Well that explains one of the preview videos with a tractor in it. I can't remember what that was from but I just remember seeing the tractors.
  12. Track for Argentina
  13. You make it seem like people aren't aloud to drive different trucks... It's not confusing at all... drivers get put in different trucks all the time.
  14. Oh wow. Didn't know he was getting new ones. I thought he was done because that's how he made it sound when I asked him about it in Milwaukee. But it makes sense since those trucks are getting up there in age.
  15. Looks the Aftershock team might have been bought