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  1. This one really hits me hard. He was such a rising star and he was an overall amazing guy. From a guy who is battling his own demons, please know that just a "hello" or a "how you're doing?" goes a long way. God, this is such a sad loss. RIP Mike.
  2. Lmao what he meant to say was World Finals 21. Typo errors can mess you up sometimes.
  3. My family and I are NRA members. We all agree that is this is absolutely stupid. How do you bring up a story that happened over 2 years ago? They really need to do more research before trying to ruin a sports reputation.
  4. This thread needs a bump. This truck head been updated so much since I first got it, it's unbelievable. Every time I think it's done, something else comes out and I always say I need to have it. Still a lot more stuff to be added. The wrapping company, J.B. Grpahics accidentally left out @iZonarYT's logo that should be all the way at the front of the front fender on both sides. And JConcepts is about to release their new Goldyears, and that'll really get this thing to stand out. I also want to add a Graupner setup to this like Josh Rhodes has his Clods set up. I also plan on getting some of these parts powder coated into a blue color (The chassis is not one of them.). But for now, this is so far the final product till I have time to add more. Well so far, since the last photo shoot, I added some vinyl to the bed cover. I also inserted some of JConcepts goodies to the tires. The Tribute bead locks are a must have to get this thing looking scale AF. To give it even more detail, I bought some metallic markers from Office Depot and coated the bolts Metallic silver, and the bolts literally shine! Can't exactly see it in the photos, but damn it came out sick!
  5. He should not have been driving that erratically in a small venue like that. He should of known better than to be hitting the gas in tight quarters. I like Mikey, but I think he really hurt himself with this. He really needs to stop treating these small venue like its a Monster Jam stadium event. That's not being professional. A part of the blame goes to these small promoters. They really need to stop treating these incidents as something small and not a problem that can be dealt with. It's lazy and very unprofessional, and someone is going to get hurt or even killed with this behavior.
  6. Why do you have two big radiators? And the shock reservoirs are inside the front radiator.
  7. Damn, this thread has been dead for nearly a month. Lemme help. So some of you may remember I bought a ZRP Diablo chassis back in December for Christmas. Well after getting some of the parts powder coated with a blue paint back in March, it's been kinda sitting on the shelf due to college. After my quarter let out back in May, I immediately contacted J.B. Graphics to wrap a body for me. I bought the JConcepts '88 Chevy body and a racerback, trimmed them, and sent them to J.B. in Missouri. It took about 2 months because he was backed up with orders. When he was done getting the wraps, he sent them and the body/racerback to Justin Chaffin (Fat Cat Customz in Ohio) He did exactly what I wanted and did a sick job with the wrap. I do plan on selling some of my other RC trucks so I can buy more Solid axle Monsters because I do plan on competing with them, but I'm going to wait for now. Truck is NOT done, I still plan on adding more parts in the future. But overall, it looks sick with the new body on it!
  8. Nice Takin' It Easy (Version 300). Lol jk, nice job, bro.
  9. I think they're bring back the old Bigfoot Racer theme when they had white rims. Looks pretty good!
  10. Dear God, these kids just won't shut up. No one cares what you think of Feld! I may disagree with them on some fronts, but they give us amazing entertainment with the best drivers. Don't be such donkeys just because you don't like a decision here and there. Now please guys, let's go on with updates and not whine and cry.
  11. Awesome my dude! If you add a chrome grill with some headlight details, you would really make this truck pop. Good luck!
  12. Literally, both of those were on a different chassis. It was the chassis modified from when Adam ran Taz to The Legend. He ran Nitrogen shocks at Minny 2013 because the Nitrogen reservoir coilovers were damaged, I believe, at a previous show. The old legend was still a Cohen, but it did have some minor differences.
  13. Ask around. Don't be afraid to have people help you. It's not hard, it'll build you as a creator overtime. Trust me, I've had the pleasure to work with a lot of amazing creators here over the years and they really helped me become a solid creator overtime.
  14. Not bad. Few things though: - replace that MJ logo with a gray version from 2015 in the logo thread. - Adam never ran Nitrogen Shocks in the Legend till late-2017 when he was already in Grave Digger. He ran Nitrogen-Coil overs with reservoirs. - He never ran Magnaflow Collecters on the Legend either. He ran straight piped Zoomie headers. - Last thing, he rarely ran a flag on the legend, and it wasn't a skull flag from Digger. Good try my dude, hope this helps.
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