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  1. Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    1. Breaking Benjamin - All time favorite! (New song came out this month, it was awesome AF!) 2. Shinedown & Nothing More (Both literally are my other go to songs) 3. Three Days Grace 4. Starset 5. AC/DC 6. Metallica 7. Volbeat 8. Thousand Foot Krutch 9. A Day To Remember 10. Hollywood Undead 11. 5FDP 12. Crossfade 13. Of Mice & Men 14. Papa Roach 15. Theory Of A Deadman 16. DED 17. Sick Puppies 18. Linkin Park 19. Halestorm 20. Disturbed 21. Drowning Pool 22. Bring Me The Horizon 23. Avenged Sevenfold 24. Adelitas Way 25. Pop Evil
  2. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Mission accomplished. On a serious note @#TeamOverBored, I think it looks awesome on the 30 chassis. Keep up the awesome work!
  3. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    This makes me wish there was a down-vote button.
  4. Welcome to NAMT

    Hell yeah. I'd be down for it!
  5. Dumb Tough 2017

    This truck makes me really wish I could play ROR again. Awesome job, @fernBurn. You've come a long way over the past 4 years.
  6. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Monster Trucks are getting more ROR every fing year. Holy Sh!t.
  7. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    From my end, yes. All I see are un-click-able links.
  8. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Actual pictures would be nice.
  9. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Well, if you look a many of the summer shows they had in the US, say Nashville, you could tell ticket sales were going down. If I remember correctly, Nashville only had 3/4 of the stadium filled. And something had to have made them stop, cause they would still be doing it if everything was the ordinary.
  10. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    I actually got hit by 2 warnings. The World Finals video got a copyright strike and was taken down and the January MJ month of action video got a warning to take it down or I was getting hit with another strike. For a while, I figured out they only hit videos that say "Monster Jam" but not videos that say "Monster Trucks." So I changed all the thumbnails and rewrote the titles of all my videos. Haven't got one hit. I think FELD realized they're sales were plummeting severely from these strikes, so they stopped.
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    I know your new here, but please backspace on the photos. It clutters up the thread.
  12. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    Awesome job on the clips bro! One tip, try to make the clips form with the beat of the song. Say zoom in, or some effects would be nice.
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    I'm guessing Jim Jack was driving?
  14. Sim Monsters Annual "What Did You Get?" Thread

    I bought me a sex machine. I bought this from a guy at a Facebook group. All I needed was to install a radio and add a battery. Ran it, handled so well. I can't wait to add some more to this truck.
  15. Thank you guys for everything

    First off, this is not a goodbye post. I just want to point that out. So I'm in college now as some of you may know, and I've had time to think back at the many things I've learned from this site. I was in engineering class yesterday, and I was trying to program an Arduino robot, and as we were trying to program it, I realized we were programming it with the Arduino program. It is exactly like Notepad to edit the truck files. And because of you guys teaching me how to make ROR monster trucks, I'm ahead of the rest of my class right now. And I have you guys to thank for this. You guys may think I'm crazy or it's just a coincidence, but you guys have know idea the things I'm able to do with these tips. I really would like to say thank you guys so much for everything. I know we tend to get into disagreements here and there, but you guys have no idea how thankful I am to have been with you guys these last 7 years. Again, I'm not saying goodbye, but more like reminiscing of the many things I was able to do on this site. Thank you all for the support, I wouldn't have been in this position if it weren't for everyone of you guys. - Hagan Moskau