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  1. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I mean, there's a pretty significant difference between overshooting the corner because it's wet, and having no control because the throttle is stuck open. Not saying qualifying would be better in the rain, but it wouldn't be as dramatic as you suggest.
  2. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Well the fact that it's a custom means that he can use whatever he wants on it.

    Read the "How to request" thread and submit a proper request. Threads like this will result in warning points in the future.
  4. Help with uploading pictures....

    Upload to imgur or puush and then copy the image address from the photo into the window. Yes, the max size for images on direct upload to the site is limited to half a meg as a way to control website bandwith.
  5. Earth Shaker 2017

    If you were unable to see axles, wheels/tires and shocks, redownload the fixed zip and it will be standalone.
  6. 2/4 BKT's show up

    Just chill dude. Bumping a thread isn't going to make him work any quicker.
  7. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    That's the chassis from Rage, right? I mean do what you want, but if it's a repli-custom it doesn't look bad the way it is now in my opinion;
  8. [TRUCK] EarthShaker (Thompson)

    This is not the place for that. Private message someone or make a different request thread.
  9. V4 ReplicaCrusader Breakable 2018

    Copies over Mad Scientist, fix it and reupload it.
  10. HD Truck Pack Beta 1 release

    These are for Monster Truck Madness 2 bud. You have to put them in your MTM2 .pod file directory and mount them with a pod program or add them with the pod.ini file in the directory.
  11. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Crowd reaction in those Atlanta clips seemed extremely dull. Hearing the fans scream after something happens is part of the experience;
  12. Adding Paint to Bodies

    If you want to just change the paint, you need to clone it, and there is a tutorial for that; If you want a different chassis and the body and chassis from the original truck are joined as one mesh, you will have to prop, texture, and export a new chassis from Kozak's chassis pack in Blender, as well as the body;
  13. World Finals 13

    I've gone through many 0.4 files of both tracks and trucks, and the only link that I've been able to find that isn't working is the WF13 which is already posted, because he originally uploaded it to the site and somewhere along the line it got corrupted; All of the files uploaded to mediafire still work. What other files are broken?
  14. Looking for someone to make a truck!!!

    If you're looking to request something, it needs to be done in the request forum, not in News and Announcements;
  15. MeshSerializer Error

  16. MeshSerializer Error

    I'm really not sure to be honest; Give 0.4.5 or 0.4.6 a try; Most creators have made the trucks standalone so just placing into packs should be fine;
  17. Escalade Spinners are Separate from the Rims

    There's other code in the Box5Escalade truck file that you're missing;
  18. MeshSerializer Error

    What version are you trying to use? What directory are you installing the trucks to?
  19. Escalade Spinners are Separate from the Rims

    From Box5's Escalade? All you have to do is copy the animation lines over;
  20. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Very simple logo, the inlay-ed flames do look pretty neat;
  21. Uploading and Blender

    No, there is a seperate button to do both by URL. Would you mind posting a screenshot of the same page that Taurus Racer posted?
  22. Uploading and Blender

    Appears to be a Firefox or IE/Edge issue. Works fine on Chrome. For the importer and exporter, you need to take the scripts from this zip and either locate and put it in the AppData folder on your computer, or (the easier way) Re-install Blender and choose "Installation Directory" when asked where you want to install, and put the scripts inside of Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts.
  23. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    I really like that, quite creative!
  24. Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    Jon Cannon Jon Cannon 80's Truck: Super Pete: 90's Truck: Rampage (Belly Chassis or possibly Wilman) The front four link section isn't really done so unless I can get Kozak to finish it I will probably just steal the Wilman from Bearfoot.
  25. Need help finding a PC

    If you need any help putting it together, don't be afraid to ask.