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  1. your not really supposed to extract your trucks/tracks. you pretty much leave them as zip files and u put them in whatever folder you put ur tracks/trucks in. BTW be sure to make sure you have the .WAV files and the .soundscript file for that truck(s) in the zip, if not just replace them with ones from another truck or whatever.
  2. I think it solely depends on what xml converter he used I think most 4.8 trucks I've used work for older .4 versions
  3. usually you put it in your terrains folder but I usually put it in the packs folder. just do whatever works best.
  4. looks pretty good so far. although i'd highly suggest seeing if u can get a body made for it since the retrofoot one looks odd.
  5. please delete pics when quoting. BTW @RORMADNESS looking fire.
  6. technically it's made but it was never finished
  7. please delete pics when quoting. clogs up the thread.
  8. I have no clue. maybe someone else knows that.
  9. some tracks have a vehicle spawner that's the only way you can spawn another truck
  10. and please remember to delete pics when quoting. clogs up the thread.
  11. figured i'd better post the shows I've been too: all Mega Promotions Event's since 2003 most likely at my homestate (and still going) Malicious Monster Truck Tour Events at Montana Raceway Park since 2016. (I missed the first show sadly) Went to Monster Jam World Finals 16
  12. anybody got the logo for Blue Ribbon Bandit? (if not someone will have to make it)
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