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  1. Garrett Hanson

    Font List

    does anybody know the font Samson uses?
  2. Garrett Hanson

    Moving Shocks

    does anybody know any tips on moving the shocks in the .truck file?
  3. Garrett Hanson

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    body is wrong from what I can tell. I suggest using the new Ford Body also the chassis looks wrong again from what I can tell
  4. Garrett Hanson

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    the bodys wrong. i'd suggest using the body from the Red AMS that GDFAN14 made.
  5. Garrett Hanson

    Girl Power

    lol didn't realize I spelt it wrong. it's fixed
  6. Garrett Hanson

    Girl Power

    Truck Name: Girl Power Body: 2012 Dodge Ram Chassis: Custom Quick Motorsports Images:
  7. Garrett Hanson

    Mesh Serializer Error

    does anybody know how to fix this problem? been occurring when trying to swap rims with a truck
  8. Garrett Hanson

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    please stop rushing people. this is why most content creators leave SM (may be wrong thou)
  9. Garrett Hanson

    Fall Madness V

    as multiple people have mentioned before track doesn't work for 0.37, 0.38 & 0.39. works for 0.4 just fine.
  10. Garrett Hanson

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    this is the Show Your Projects thread not the Screenshots thread. anywho rebuilt a truck for @ABgamerX needs some fixes thou
  11. Garrett Hanson

    ScrapyardCheetah Shifter

    what should be the correct sizing for the shifter? looks great thou.
  12. Garrett Hanson

    Uploading and Blender

    outlawed has a tut on uploading files and I believe the exporters and such are in the scrapyard section
  13. Garrett Hanson

    The Plan for WF18

    in my opinion just release racing & FS together as a whole cause there's no sense on releasing the racing version and not including the freestyle verson. but ey. do what ever you please.
  14. Garrett Hanson

    Scrapyard540 Merlin Engine

    thanks for clearing this up. sorry if I reasoned it as a complaint. also I noticed that the motor doesn't have header mounts.
  15. Garrett Hanson

    Scrapyard540 Merlin Engine

    love the engine but wasn't there supposed to be a exported verison for those of us who don't want to wait 10-15 minutes when were exporting the motor? only complaint.