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  1. steelcoyman

    Earth Shaker 2017

    it work on .3.8 but no engine sounds
  2. steelcoyman

    Monster Jam 25th Anniversary Truck Pack

    amazing work
  3. steelcoyman

    PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    i have no sound for any of the trucks too
  4. steelcoyman

    Syracuse 2016 FIXED .37

    finaly a track that works
  5. steelcoyman

    Royal Farms Arena 2015

    amazing track i love it
  6. steelcoyman

    Eagen County Fair (Custom)

    can someone make a monster truck for me please?
  7. steelcoyman

    Junk Yard Dog 2016

    yea i have 0.38 and it works
  8. steelcoyman

    [MTM2] Torture Pit

    it works on 0.38