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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Never fail to impress. I can't english today.
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    That truck looks Xtreme #badpuns Great truck. You never fail to disappoint with your trucks!
  3. Overbored 2016

    Note: I did this to show my friend the correct way to request a truck. Even though there's a method already but he needed help trying to make it. Name: Overbored Body: 2016 Chevy Silverado Chassis: Cohen Other Details: Ran BKT Tires at Mount Pleasant, Michigan for the Monster Truck Madness #7 Teammate Truck is Wild Side
  4. R.I.P Ted Christopher

    Even though I didn't know him that well, he was one of the greatest short trackers ever. Rest in peace.
  5. If you are a little confused about what this forum title meant, it means what do you usually do in your freestyles? When I began on rigs of rods leagues, I was sort of a technicality person. I would go for mostly wheelies, some air, probably a save or two, and maybe a crash. But after I got my controller (and after I one hit wondered in FSR) I turned into somebody who would go for big air, momentum, I still went for wheelies, I would try to get a wow factor in. But still not with a league win yet. I almost got one in WRA at SSRS Cinncinatti. I feel like I'm more of a racer, but freestyle is good for me too.
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    You're triggering FELD with it having "gun" on the truck. Shame on you. jk dont hurt me Truck looks good.
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Did you wheelie it and land on the back? Must be why you have no rear. Never fail to impress, none the less. Still a great truck.
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    ayyyyeee another event I went to Looks great.
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    WEEWOOWEEWOOWEEWOOWEEWOO!! No? k im getting too inmature From the view, the truck looks cool.
  10. NASCAR Discussion

    This is why I regret posting this crap to sim-monsters.
  11. NASCAR Discussion

    I've been watching NASCAR since 2011. Screw off.
  12. NASCAR Discussion

    Is this still alive? Hasn't been active since the 10th. Soooo....Stenhouse Jr. wins the Coke Zero 400. I'm going to go into a little complaint so try not to murder me for this >.> I've lost all respect for Stenhouse as a driver. I was happy for him after his Talladega win, but after tonight, I hate him. You may ask, why? If you know me, my favorite driver is Kasey Kahne. At around 17 or so laps to go, Kahne was leading, and Stenhouse came in with a head of speed and took the lead from him. This is one reason I hate him. But the main reason, he made Kahne go from around first or second to about 20th. It screwed up his entire race. If he didn't do both of those things, Kahne would've had a better shot. Kahne should've gotten the win. Kahne led about 23 laps, got involved in 2 wrecks, and fought his way through the field maybe 2 or 3, maybe 4 times to get to the front. Stenhouse I think did this too, but Kahne was ALL OVER THE DANG FIELD! You probably won't understand why I hate Stenhouse because of this, but that's just me. Also Kyle Larson turned into an airplane and probably crapped his pants.
  13. [TRUCK] McGruff 2017

    Mervin beat you to it lol
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    oh yes daddy cant wait for release. Those look so good.
  15. Screenshot of the Week!

    we need a strict rule so Edy doesn't win every friggin week because of his d@nk edits jk dont hurt me plz
  16. Screenshot of the Week!

    I just noticed there are actual officials standing around. ALL HAIL THE GOD OF ROR EDITS!!
  17. Screenshot of the Week!

    all hail the g.o.a.t. of ror picture edits
  18. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    As long as it's not from Garrett, anything is good for uploading!
  19. Screenshot of the Week!

    Whenever you see @Edy put something in the screenshot of the week, it's a winner.
  20. Screenshot of the Week!

  21. Screenshot of the Week!

    Track is Gaithersburg 2015.
  22. I don't think the title made sense but what do you think your favorite moment at a monster truck event was? Since I saw @Skyliner849 post about shows, I decided, "why not?" My favorite part of a monster truck event was when I went to my first ever stadium show, Foxborough 2016. I was able to meet half of the drivers like Scott Buetow, Gary Porter, Bari Musawwir and a few more, got to meet a couple of my favorite online friends, and got to see some trucks I never saw before. But during the show, I think my favorite part was the track and seeing my first ever back flips. I saw Linsey Weenk, Scott Buetow, Chuck Werner (attempted one), Todd LeDuc, and Tom Meents do backflips there. It was amazing.
  23. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    Those look sick! But who's GD is that again? Krysten's?
  24. I have no experience or tools or anything that I can make a custom, so praying that Repli-customs are still allowed Real Name: Joey Burgy Discord Username: Joey Burgy Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Truck Name: Grave Digger Retro W/ Flag Make/Model: 1950 Chevy Panel Truck Truck Download Link:
  25. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    I thought that was saigon shaker in the first picture for a second. Looks nice. Never fail to impress!