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  1. For some reason, The link goes to a error page. Anyone have a fix to that?
  2. Thank you for finally making a concrete track, it's been a while.. Looks amazing so far!
    Amazing Mod Androcks, I appreciate you making this.. I have two complaints about this though, First off... The brakes are great and such, but there a bit of a pain.. cause as P3 said, Most of the newcomers don't know how to change the brakes, Second off.. The paint is a bit inaccurate, I would say fix that up and you will have a amazing mod!
  3. Welcome to Sim Monsters!
    5 Stars just because Adrian uploaded it!! (And yes, ik Trevor made it.. Amazing job Trevor.)
  4. The Higher Education is On Sim Monsters, I can't send out the crushtation sorry!
  5. You kinda did disrespect Tj's hard work and such.. But I'm not gonna comment any further, Since I don't wanna start a fight..
  6. Thank You Edy! I Appreciate it. Fixed, Thanks again!
  7. Thank you, I will change it
  8. Version 1.0.0


    I did not make this, I just converted it, with help from Garrett Hanson.
  9. Psychedelic Outlaw and Space machine, Perdue made space machine
  10. When I get credited for my tire brand and didn't see it till today.. Thanks Perdue! I have a couple, there technically team trucks but There open, if you wanna drive for my team or just one of my trucks for a tour or whatever it may be, Dm me on Discord TJ.J#3127
  11. for some reason it will not work for me why is that?
  12. Where do i find the demo derby monster truck model or is it private?
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