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KOTH International Incident: Event 3 - United Kingdom


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"Even still, for all those willing to make that sacrifice, it still may not be enough to gain entry into the kingdom. The gates to this mythical place rarely open, and when they do it is only for those who have shown themselves to be truly worthy of the crown and everything that claiming it entails."


Event 2 in this mini series definitely shook things up a bit more than event 1 did, as the competition was a little more wide open to anyone in the field possibly coming away with the wins. But at the end of night the current state of the game once again held strong, as this time it was the Trevor & Trevor show with Amos and Michalesko walking away with the next 2 qualifier spots. Now from the land of the rising sun we head to the home of Big Ben, The Beatles, and Buckingham Palace, the ever intriguing United Kingdom! The next 8 superstars of NAMT will go to war inside the infamous Clarkson International Autodrome, a facility built in honor of the most well known main presenter of the original Top Gear tv program, that being the always opinionated and quick witted Jeremy Clarkson. The Top Gear test track was the site of so many feats of driving skill over the years, and this newest addition to the property is sure to expand on that history. Now the man who this place is named after is known for his love of "SPEED AND POWAH", and KOTH is sure to give him and everybody else that and so much more as 2 more spots in the finale are on the line!

Signups will open Wednesday, February 24th, 2021 at 8pm eastern.
Event will take place Friday, February 26th, 2021; driver's meeting will begin at 8:00pm eastern with action kicking off around 8:30.

(Please remember that if you competed in the Mexico or Japan events, you are ineligible to signup and compete in this event.)

Here is the template to use for your signup:
Discord Username:

We will be using the Special Events section of the NEW official Sim-Monsters Discord server for this event.
We will be using RoR version 2020.01 (version 2021.02 will also work) for this event: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ur7sjr9ltlqae04/RoR_2020.01_Setup.exe/file
Here's a link to the track: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1p980ep5b9kpvbn/IDSatCIA.zip/file

As stated in the announcement thread sign ups are on a first come, first served basis and trucks will be randomly assigned to each competitor at the end of the driver's meeting. Driver's are expected to be in voice chat at 8:00pm sharp, if not you will be replaced by a fill in driver unless you contact an official to let them know you'll be late.

Competitors are prohibited from making changes to the trucks in any way, be it visual or performance based. Modifications will only happen if and when an official deems a truck has a glaring issue that needs to be addressed. If a situation like this arises, whomever gets the affected truck will receive a new truck file from officials to install.

If you are caught making (or found to have made) unauthorized changes to your truck, you will be kicked from the event and suspended indefinitely from KOTH competition.

Other event specific rules and info will be covered during the driver's meeting.

Now, onto the field of trucks:
Driving Skool - https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/
Surf Monster - https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/
S.W.A.T. - https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/
Tonka - https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/
Wicked Willys - https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3555-wicked-willys-2020/
Pure Muscle 99 - https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/

No Label 44 - https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/
Big Red - https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/

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If there was 1 word to describe the happenings during event 3 here in Guildford it would be domination, but as usual with KOTH there were still some surprises.

The guy who was just on another level tonight was Tyler Richmond, and he put everyone on notice when he was the only person to run a sub 30 second pass in qualifying with a 29.9. The only other person that got close was one of the old guard who decided to try his luck against the new blood, and that is KOTH's Head Official Chadwick Deerfoot. His time of 30.2 set up the possibility that it could be a top 2 showdown in the finals, as he and Richmond were faster than the rest of the field by at least 2 tenths.

Then came wheelies and to say the drama picked up immensely would be an understatement, as the driver's quickly found out the track was a lot trickier than they first thought. Most of field had problems getting wheelies going or landing them, partly because of the odd shaped cars and with the transitions from asphalt to dirt. That being said, what happened at the end of the comp surprised everyone as we ended up with a 3 way tie between Richmond, Deerfoot, and Max Halpert. All 3 of them laid down truly impressive wheelie runs and each of them brought something different to the table, and the main judges simply couldn't decide which was best; so the special tie breaker judge was brought in and he awarded the win to Richmond, 2nd place to Deerfoot, and 3rd to Halpert.

Next was racing and this is where things started to get a little weird, but only on one side of the bracket. Richmond, who was the odds on favorite coming into this event, took care of business and made his way into the semis without much hassle, as did 4th fastest qualifier Josh Gajewski. On the opposite side of the bracket though, things got very interesting as we saw 2 upsets. 1st off the guy who people thought might give Richmond a run for his money was unable to even try, as Deerfoot made a costly mistake in his 1st round race against fellow veteran Magnus Birkelund, losing to him by a tire. Same thing applied to the other race, as 3rd fastest qualifier Tyler May had his own struggles and lost to Marty Hussey. Then came the semis and once again Richmond was on a rail, dispatching of Gajewski and placing himself into the final. On the other side was the battle of the buses as Hussey went head to head with Birkelund and pulled out a narrow win in a race that the was definitely a hit with all the kids in the crowd. Then came the finals and all the credit in the world goes to Marty as he was pushing hard to pull of the upset, but the truck took a bad bounce halfway through the race and handed the victory over Richmond.

Onto freestyle we go and the question on everybody's mind was could Richmond pull of the clean sweep, but everyone would have to wait to see as he was last in the order; however, no one could've foreseen what ended up happening. First up was the racing runner up Marty Hussey and unfortunately his freestyle run mimicked his wheelie run, started off well but ended in disaster as he rolled over early with his front end coming to rest on the wall. The truck was mechanically fine but as stated to the drivers before the show, landing on the wall or making significant contact with it would result in the run being called done. With that, his run was done and resulted in a score of 14. Next up was Cora Solera, one of the newer drivers on the SM scene and to say she wowed the crowd was an understatement. Big air, wheelies, saves and recoveries, wild off camber hits, her run had everything including pulling off one of the toughest moves in the sport; the consecutive rebound backflip, made famous by George Balhan. It was an absolute barn burner of a run and rocketed her into the lead with a 25, and it's safe to say the rest of field was put on notice. Next up was Tyler May and he fared a bit better than Marty, filling most of the clock and giving a good accounting of himself; but it wasn't enough to take the lead, coming up 3 points short. Next was Magnus Birkelund and his run got off to a good start, but similar to his fellow bus driver Marty his run ended a bit early. He had some good hits and made it further into his allotted time, but not close enough to filling the clock which resulted in a score of 19.5.

Now we headed into the second half of the field and first out was Josh Gajewski, and per the usual he started out fast, wasting no time attacking the course. But this track once again proved it was not to be taken lightly, as his run came to and end while attempting a backflip. It came up a bit short and bounced into a second rotation, but that second rotation also came up short and officials shut him off after they noticed that both front shock towers sustained heavy damage. He emerged from the truck unhurt but disappointed, as he only managed a score of 17.5. Next out was Max Halpert and he was out to make a statement, coming out with high energy and keeping that energy up throughout the run. The momentum he had going from hit to hit was a sight to see, and showed just how good he's gotten in a short time. As good as the run was it just wasn't enough to top what Cora did, but he did jump into second place with a score of 23.5; he is one guy to keep your eye on for sure because he will be a threat for years to come. Next in line was the old man himself, Chadwick Deerfoot, and everyone knew that he was gonna throw down after the early exit in racing; and throw down he did. From start to finish he once again showed why he's been given the nicknames of "The King of Technicality" and "The Technical Mastermind", hitting wheelies of all varieties, crossthreading obstacles from weird angles, and even hitting one of the better backflips of the night. He went to put the ultimate punctuation mark on his run by being the only driver to attempt a corkscrew, but the dirt at the bottom of the ramp gave way and led to the hit being more of a pirouette skywheelie. He was unable to land on all fours, but the flip came as time expired so it didn't hurt his score too much; had he landed that cork though, he might've taken the lead. As it is though, he tied Halpert with 23.5 and received a great round of applause from the UK fans.

But then came the moment everybody was waiting for, could Tyler Richmond make history and join the very short list of drivers who swept an entire KOTH event? Well we can certainly say he absolutely gave it his best shot, from beginning to end he did everything possible to take the win away from Cora. Big air, wheelies, stoppies, backflip to moonwalk, he really was pushing to get that full event sweep. As his run came to an end he parked towards the middle of the floor and awaited the judges scores, and as they came in the realization set in that he had gotten as close as you possibly could to making history; a 24.5, by half a point Cora Solera held on to win. The one thing that Cora had over Richmond was the wow factor, as across the rest of the board they were even per the judges. It was an amazing end to a wild night of KOTH competition, but of course there was one other thing that needed to be done. It was time to count up the points to see who moved on to the finale, and this time it wasn't anywhere near as close as the first 2 events. Tyler Richmond won the overall event title pretty handily (7 point gap over 2nd) seeing as how he nearly swept everything, and despite the poor showing in racing 2nd place went to Chadwick Deerfoot as his runner up finishes in qualifying and wheelies and 3rd place finish in freestyle gave him a 6 point buffer over Max Halpert.

Once again we wanna thank everyone who came out to watch and compete tonight, it was an amazing show and I think it's safe to say this won't be the last you'll see of KOTH here in the UK; full results will be posted below as always. Next week we will figure out who will take the last 2 spots as we move on to the final qualifier event of this mini series, and this time we will travel to one of the most popular beach communities in all of Europe. Until then, stay safe and keep the shiny side up!

1. Tyler Richmond - Big Red: 29.9325
2. Chadwick Deerfoot - S.W.A.T.: 30.2912
3. Tyler May - No Label 44: 30.4153
4. Josh Gajewski - Wicked Willys: 30.4167
5. Max Halpert - Tonka: 30.9258
6. Marty Hussey - Surf Monster: 30.9661
7. Magnus Birkelund - Driving Skool: 33.3880
8. Cora Solera - Pure Muscle 99: 37.0751

1. Tyler Richmond - Big Red: 18
2. Chadwick Deerfoot - S.W.A.T.: 18
3. Max Halpert - Tonka: 18
4. Josh Gajewski - Wicked Willys: 14.5
5. Magnus Birkelund - Driving Skool: 14.5
6. Cora Solera - Pure Muscle 99: 13.5
7. Tyler May - No Label 44: 10
8. Marty Hussey - Surf Monster: 9



1. Cora Solera - Pure Muscle 99: 25
2. Tyler Richmond - Big Red: 24.5
3. Chadwick Deerfoot - S.W.A.T.: 23.5 (gets the tie breaker for better wheelie finish)
4. Max Halpert - Tonka: 23.5
5. Tyler May - No Label 44: 22
6. Magnus Birkelund - Driving Skool: 19.5
7. Josh Gajewski - Wicked Willys:- 17.5
8. Marty Hussey - Surf Monster: 14.5

KOTH United Kingdom Overall Points:
1. Tyler Richmond - Big Red: 157 (advances to finale)
2. Chadwick Deerfoot - S.W.A.T.: 150 (advances to finale)
3. Max Halpert - Tonka: 144
4. Josh Gajewski - Wicked Willys: 144
5. Cora Solera - Pure Muscle 99: 140
6. Magnus Birkelund - Driving Skool: 140
7. Tyler May - No Label 44: 139
8. Marty Hussey - Surf Monster: 138

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