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Major League Monster Jam - Preseason Event 1: Cincinnati, OH

Madness MT

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With Major League Monster Jam starting in March, there needs to be some content before that.

On January 14th MLMJ will be hosting its first of two preseason events

The first preseason event being in Cincinnati, Ohio, January 14th!

Sign-Ups will be on the following day: Saturday, January 7th, at 6PM EST, right here in this chat

Due to this event not being apart of the main series, sign ups will be first come first served, this will not be the case for the actual league.


Truck list is the following

Grave Digger - 

Dragon - 

Scooby-Doo! - 

El Toro Loco - 

Vendetta - 

Rockwell R.E.D. - 

Terminal Velocity - 

Wild Side - 


Sign up format:





You must be in the Sim-Monsters Discord server to sign up and compete

Anyone who signs up past the first 8, or signs up in a truck that is already taken and cannot edit in time, will be put into a fill-in pool and may be picked if someone cannot show up

If you end up missing out on signups for this event, then do not worry, there will be a second preseason event January 28th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

One last note, if you wish to compete in this event, and the next preseason event in Salt Lake City, you may only compete in only one of the events, this is to allow more people to compete and get used to the rules and handling of the trucks.

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