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Fun Run Memphis 2013 8/10/13


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Since there isn't any leagues running tomorrow I decided to host my own fun run. Replicas only please. This will be recorded and uploaded to my youtube (themonsterjamfan4018)


Track Link:



Chat will open 3:00 PM EST 


Sign up example


Truck: Blue Thunder (Huffaker)

Name: Dylan Bernier

Aim: monsterdylan4018


The first 16 trucks will be guaranteed into the show any others will be back ups


1. Dylan Bernier: Blue Thunder

2. Mitch Bumpass: Ironman

3. Edy Beltran: Avenger

4. Jose Garcia: El Diablo

5. Julio Vellon: Monster Energy

6. Corbin MacAulay: GDTL

7. Aaron Lurie: Grave Digger

8. Nick Kozak: Hot Wheelies 2013

9. Jared Murillo: Metal Mulisha

10. John Dough: Battle Beast

11. Tharindu Don: Reptoid
12. Mike Russell: SUD
13. Jon Cannon: Brutus
14. Devin Doss: El toro Loco
15. Daniel Simon: Wolverine
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