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Sign ups!


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Since I will be starting this earlier than anticipated I will put up sign ups now! 


Rules for Sign ups:



Sign up changes end 11/22/14


If you have any questions please contact me on PM, Facebook, Aim, Skype, or my Mobile Number (which hardly anyone has)


Alright here we go lets give this a shot


Dylan Bernier: Air Force Afterburner 2011 

Chadwick Deerfoot: Overboard

Yoavany Rayos: Robo Machine
Alan Echevarria: Black Stallion
Trevor Amos: Iron Warrior
Devin Doss: Thor
Dalton Widner: Grave Digger
Jon Cannon: Weapon 1
Magnus Birkelund: Iron Outlaw
Will Meyer: Lucas Oil Stabilizer
Zach Nicholas: Maximum Destruction
Mason Watts: Stinger
Jack Merkle: Avenger
Connor Richardson Son-Uva Digger
Colton Johnson: Saigon Shaker
Alex Steinhaus: Bounty Hunter
Henry Jacobs: Thrasher
Josh Gajewski: Titan
Chris Holt: Unnamed and Untamed
Edy Beltran: Outlaw
Aaron Cruickshank: Overkill Evolution
Daniel Simon: Illuminator
Seth Halloway: Identity Theft
Mark Colineri: Captain's Curse
Nicholas Kozak: El Toro Loco (Orange)
Dan Agosh: Grave Digger The Legend
Nick Francese: Samson
Jack McCarthy: Stone Crusher
Julian Baumann: Walking Tall
Andrew Sheets: Ironman
Bob Jones: Bigfoot 14/15

Hagan James: Hooked

Blake Thompson: Crusader

Julio Vellon: El Toro Loco (Black)

Jason Fontaine: The Patriot

Preston Perez: Wolverine

Damian Bowers: Equalizer

Dominic Hocutt: Excaliber

Antonio Rubal: Destroyer

Dalton Hastings: Monster Energy

Alex Lindgren: Wrecking Crew
Marcus: Western Renegade


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By the way the only multiple sign ups under same name trucks allowed are:





El Toro:




Trucks that have altered Names like Digger/Digger the Legend Monster Mutt/ Monster Mutt Dalmtion do not apply to this and are considered their own separate identities.

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He signed up in Stabilizer, Bobby Holman's old truck not Crusader. Don't worry, I read it as Crusader at first too >.>


Mason Watts

mighthesitate@gmail.com (Not for sure, but I think you have me blocked...)

pffffffffffff.... How do i still not meet requirements for basic things after 7 years in this game... Stinger 2k14 (http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1463-stinger-2k14/)

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