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Vancouver 2014 REMEMBER THE MACKEY Funrun, July 27th


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Since the SSRS died (RIP In Piece) and the track isn't being ran, we'll have a funrun.


The chat will go up at 7:30 and the event will begin at the conclusion of ROR Monster Outlaws


The event will be streamed on twitch.


Track: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1594-vancouver-2014/


First 16 sign ups are locked in, rest are fill ins

2014 Replicas Only


1. Aaron Lurie: Grave Digger

2. Devin Doss: Crusader

3. Tharindu Don: Northern Nightmare

4. Nick Kozak: El Toro Loco

5. Zach Nicholas: Grave Digger the Legend

6. Trevor Amos: Metal Mulisha

7. Mark Colineri: Max D

8. Dan Agosh: Monster Energy

9. Julio Vellon Jr: Son uva Digger

10. Aaron Cruickshank: Gunslinger

11. Fernando Martinez: Spiderman

12. Blake Thompson: Identity Theft

13. Zach Steele: Bigfoot 19

14. Hagan James: Stone Crusher

15. Daniel Simon: Hotwheels Firestorm

16. Jack McCarthy: Avenger


Fill ins:


1. Joshua Micks: Scooby Doo

2. Chris Holt: Ice Monsters

3. Marcus: Heavy Hitter

4. Dalton Widner: Hurricane Force

5. Tom P: Crusader

6. Trenton Shaw: Backdraft 2013

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