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An idea


Mega-pack or Stand Alone truck?  

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  1. 1. Should we make a mega-pack or relase each truck individually and make them stand alone?

    • Mega-pack
    • Individually; Stand alone
  2. 2. What version of ROR would you rather the pack to run on?

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Ok, so lets start this.


Recently i got this idea of making a community project, not just a group of persons making content, no, i want to try to join all the community, i want to make everybody want to make content and have fun at the same time again. I want everybody to cooperate with everybody.


What's the main reason of this?

You see, after i saw V4.5/V5 was cancelled, im gonna be honest with you, i was upset, very upset, not with the ones that were making the pack, upset about tons of content stading there without being relased. I know the last pack relase was a big hit for the community after it leacked and then relased having some bugs, and also when this kiddo hacked Klayton, it just made me mad, i mean it's a hobbie, a hobbie we all have in common making content and that give us fun and enjoyment.


Also may like to point out that from the original v4 truck list some truck were not made.


¡But lets not look only on negative stuff! We all know there's a lot amazing stuff that has happend too, V4 relase being one of them excluding what was said before. Also, scrapyard section was created, also a tutorials section, even an arcade. I think we are large community with people that has talent, and lots of ability, trust me i bet there's people that can't even do what we do.


You see, i really like making content, i really like collaborating with people, i like to talk, im kind of a shy person but im very open when it comes to make stuff together sometimes. I really like how we can produce tons of things.


What do i want to achive by making this topic/project?

This last year i have seen a lot of people losing interest on the community, the game and also the conent making and also i have seen some that still produce content but are starting to lose interest on it and even people just asking to make realistic stuff when they don't even make stuff. 


What i want to achive are this milestones:

  • Make the community become more united
  • Show everyone that joined as a community we can make the best stuff ever
  • Try to re-alive that interest and fun to some have lost it and are losing it
  • Have fun 
  • Make a community truck pack, a new pack where everyone in the community cooperated to make it


The pack 

As said i want this to be a community build pack. I don't think we should only stay with modern trucks, we could also could try making a pack with modern and old truck from PENDA era or 80's era, even leafers everything is possible. I don't think we should have a time limit. I don't want to make this a competition neither a show off of "Im better", no, it's from the community to the community. We could make a truck list and each truck could be made by certain number of people, and relase them individually making them stand alone or make it a mega pack, poll is there. Everyone helps, everyone collaborates, everyone wins, everyone get to make. 



Before i like get this on the road and make some rules and i would to see how many of you support it and like the idea. Also im open to suggestions to make this better or even make this concept a little bit more interesting (Please not competitive stuff). Please don't argue try to show positive support, And if needed i hope admins can delete nonsence comments, replies, etc.


Thanks, sincerly, Edy

P.s. I think deadline for suggestions and structuring the project and seeing if it will be made or not will be Febrary 5, a hole month, so know lets see what happens; Thanks to Ryan McCauley for helping me clear up some stuff



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I find it interesting but I would definitely vote for the stand alone truck releases that way you can just release them as they get done and not have to wait until the entire thing is done or you have one giant pack. (1GB+ most likely which is quite a download for anyone even if they have really good internet, which not many of us do) I'd be interested in helping depending on what all would be included and maybe I'll make a stand alone truck tutorial if no one else has done so yet.

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The last truck I fully built was Hurricane Force 2014 but if this all falls together, I would make more truck content to keep this community moving forward. I agree very much with the point you made about people losing interest in the community. It's very clear when it comes to events and funruns that people don't take this community seriously anymore. We need this community wide project to not only get more content out, but to also give the members of the community something to do and something to look forward to. With many people working on multiple trucks, I see this being very difficult to leak until the very end of the packs progress where things started getting put into one file. Even if something goes terribly wrong and all of the trucks are leaked, let's put it this way, there's always going to be new trucks to play with whether it gets leaked and the truck are just released individually or if the pack comes together as a whole. This could also be a good opportunity to clean up the mess of the V4 folder and have each truck with its own folder like how BeamNG works. This is a good idea and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

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The one giant pack does not really work, the more people you have the more people you need to chase down for stuff. I do however like working with other people as if you work to peoples strengths (such as as with me I do the chassis thing and am able to model things like shocks or headers. I cannot texture to save my life) and spread the load around between a few people. It will be a balancing act though, if you have people whose work might not be up to snuff. Not saying it is a bad thing, I am still learning and adapting new ways to improve my modelling skills, just wanting to make it aware. Best of luck to those that band together for a common goal, I do not know how much time personally I can give but all of my work is at your disposal if needed.

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I have a whole blue print that was mapped out about a year ago for a pack. It is a great blue print and is extremely organized. I intended for it be a 100% secret, but things led to another and we barely even started it. If I ever found the right people for the task, I would start the whole thing up again. If anyone wants to take a peek at the ideas and setup, message me.

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so do we just send edy the finished stuff ?


No, this project still taking shape and still waiting for it to be officialy on the road as i quoted deadline for suggestions and getting it ready is February 5, please read 

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I would definitely help out with this. There could be a thread or something where people say what truck they are working on and could ask for help for certain parts. For example, if you can't paint but you made everything else on the truck you could ask for a painter and get someone to help finish the truck.

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