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SMRA Season 2 Budget


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Well with SMRA Season 2 starting March 6th it is time to start getting your budget together and prepped for the season.  We will be keeping track of your final weekly budgets for your entire team in this thread.  After each week, you will post you updated budget (with a link to it if you're doing it in a sheet).  We will penalize you if you do not update your budget before your next race or the next time your budget changes.



Missing updated budget after one week: $5,000 fine

Missing updated budget after two weeks: additional $5,000 fine + losing half pay at next event for all trucks on team

Missing updated budget after three weeks: additional $5,000 fine + indefinite suspension of all team drivers


For those of you using the SMRA Tour Schedule and Budget for the season, you may get a copy of it here:



I went through and put together a tutorial of how to use the spreadsheet, you can view it here:

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Current Budget (Team/Owner):
Antonio Rubal (Total): $21,916
$10,000 (Starting Budget)
$14,000 (Week 1 Booking Pay Total)
-$2,084 (Week 1 Travel Costs Total)
-$1,000 (Week 1 Damage Total)
$800 (Oklahoma City Obstacle Course)
$900 (Oklahoma City Freestyle)
-$700 (Marcus Santana)


Current Budget (Free-agent Driver):
Preston Perez (Total): $25,106
$22,656 (Starting Budget)
$700 (Oklahoma City Obstacle Course)
$1,250 (Oklahoma City Freestyle)
$500 (Trenton Ray)


Current Budget (Team Members):
Trenton Ray (Total): $10,900
$10,000 (Starting Budget)
$500 (Vancouver Racing)
$900 (Vancouver Freestyle)
-$500 (Preston Perez)


Dominic Hocutt (Total): $11,250
$10,000 (Starting Budget)
$500 (Vancouver Racing)
$750 (Vancouver Freestyle)


Booking Pay Total: $14,000
Antonio Rubal/Preston Perez~$6,000 (Oklahoma City)
Trenton Ray/Dominic Hocutt~$8,000 (Vancouver)


Travel Cost Total: $2,084
Antonio Rubal/Preston Perez~$1,918 (Auburn to Oklahoma City)
Trenton Ray/Dominic Hocutt~$166 (Auburn to Vancouver)


Damage Total: $1,000
Marcus Santana~$1,000 (Oklahoma City/Light Roll)


Modifications Total: N/A


Sales Total: N/A


Fill-in Pay Total: $500
Preston Perez~$500 (Vancouver/A Bye Run)


Fill-in Payout Total: $700
Marcus Santana~$700 (Oklahoma City/GoPro Gladiator)


Wheelie Earnings Total: N/A


Fast Qualifier Earnings Total: N/A


Obstacle Course Earnings Total: $1,500
Marcus Santana~$800 (Oklahoma City)
Preston Perez~$700 (Oklahoma City)


Racing Earnings Total: $1,000
Preston Perez~$500 (Vancouver)
Dominic Hocutt~$500 (Vancouver)


Freestyle Earnings Total: $3,800
Marcus Santana~$900 (Oklahoma City)
Preston Perez~$1,250 (Oklahoma City)
Trenton Ray~$900 (Vancouver)
Dominic Hocutt~$750 (Vancouver)

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