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  1. Pat Gerber of the Shocker Monster Truck will be piloting Hooligan for the next event as Gary Schott Jr is back in Alaska working
  2. In relation to DiggerFan's post......
  3. oooooh. me likey.
  4. ^^ doesn't get it.. lolz.
  5. excuse me, i have to go scream and shout, because THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I HAVE HEARD IN MONTHS!!
  6. DWAMN!
  7. Yeah, i havent posted in here in a bit. I had some health problems and stuff come up, and that was more of a priority than a game. Who would still be up for this.
  8. Edy... i love you..... no homo.
  9. Brian.... NO! PLEASE GOD NO!
  10. Because it says on Sim-Monsters that it is Travis Sewilo's Birthday.... so...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS!
  11. That was a awesome track to run on!
  12. YESS!! UNDERøATH IS BACK!!!! They have reunited with the lineup from TøCS and DTGL
  13. Just bumping this for everyone to see.
  14. RockGod88, please take that link down please. We don't want any members of Sim-Monsters to get a possible virus from any pop-ups please. And also, From the ( ) Rule Book " Discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed. " Thank You.
  15. Okay guys, lets get back on track please!