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  1. Digger showing everyone how its done! only 75 FPS rip
  2. mutt cutts plz
  3. Steven Sims sending it!
  4. theres nothing wrong with the suspension either... If it really matters just used the locked one..
  5. thats the point.......... The fix was the powerband.
  6. HOTFIX 4 OPEN DIFFS! RapAttack2016Open.truck
  7. Version 0.000001


    Rap Attack 2016/17 Creditssssss Me-Chassis, blender, nb, everything Chris Bee-Amazing paint that i forgot to say before Andrew-body Should be standalone but i dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ V0.0002 IS UP RE DOWNLOAD FOR DIFF FIX
  8. Thx, It is .39.3 maxed out i think, lol
  9. If you were paying attention to my WF 18 video you may have seen this.
  10. Dig gravers
  11. Gettin on the sidewalls!
  12. thing.
  13. How long till wf18 is out?

  14. "chuck, y u do dis" - cam 2017
  15. thingy