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  1. v2 anyone?
  2. Surgery? damn......
  3. He was waving to the crowd, that's a good sign, and rip to what seemed to be the strongest rollcage.....
  4. Damn, sure hope hes good
  5. #they'recomming
  6. I really did start something...... hmmmm
  7. wuz board.
  8. Gettin there...
  9. whats has i started?
  10. Name: Preston Pérez Truck: VP Mad Scientist TeamSpeak: rockgod88 lel meybe
  11. Any pointers on the truck and/or vid?
  12. Steering is Fixed!! sure not super perfection, but 100% functional
  13. Purrrrty 69 giggity
  14. I really wish the shocks were somwhat close to the mounting tabs, and the hydrolics matched each other left and right.... xD might wanna fix that @Garrett Hanson