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  1. Tom Mints
  2. memez
  3. Wrong chassis Old Af body Rims need fixing Shocks dont hook up Shock shaft bumps are yellow Sponserplate says Goodyear....
  4. Um, my unrealest pack that only a select few have? Ya, no.
  5. prezton and meh
  6. Why would we download a 40mb file for nothing but a few small changes in a texture.....
  7. Ummmm my Jester pack has the 2017 paint... Kane's chassis is a CRD. Also at least use my Jester as a base, that thing is old af.
  8. kk we kool
  9. Like a new chassis?
  10. Did u srusly take the paint from my orange etl and put it on my black etl? how is that werk?
  11. U came to canada and didnt visit 😢
  12. I know dat koozek O and Fern, the long WB only adds about an inch to the overall length....
  13. Well, the truck above is a PEI, the chassis that is in game that everyone knows is a CRD, a Cohen is also in the works, props will have to stay the same, Maybe a new Engine and Rad, but axles have to stay for the J beams, soooo ya.
  14. I kan do dat too, beem en gee boigh BTW away from home, so don't say i have too many projects, cuz i can't finish them without my other pc.....