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  1. There is no doubt that the breakables are super unrealistic and such, but fuk runs with friends in them is great because it does give it a more realistic feel when you break a shock or swaybar and you have to race with it the next round, or FS and break a wheel off, yes they will never be perfect but they are still fun, non the less. anyways semi on topic it brokz sliding in ur PMs liek Now boring shiz diggy 34 that sheets made me narrow see narrow Wheel base too long on the old doge? you decide 32 pack, gotta add dem bump stops still stoners with an open front diff (that wont make you do forward backflips sry) Started this as a joke, v4 replace updated suspension, welcome pawor wheelys and don't forget your roots *spawns in more trucks game crashes* SPIDER is back! (the rusty poo will be swaybars) And some bus driver fagit wanted me to make this (luvuprztn) (btw nothing important in the background) Oh and last and least this stoopid thing this post took around an hour to make, kil me now i just realized i might have too much poo on the go
  2. Haz toad gone too far?
  3. POWWWAAAAAR!! Also @DroppedSilver0 Here ye go sun
  4. what im i ever doing.
  5. When RoR .37 looks better then the others and yes no edits whatsoever edy plz "I'd rather they be just screenshots with no editing"
  6. Make a New Years resolution before July.
  7. Been working on the ol' Independent suspension NB @John Dough don't be mad plz Also thingggy
  8. Dennis showing us what 30 can do!!
  9. View File Syracuse 2016 FIXED .37 Fixed this track, Aaron gave me perms to re-upload. gg Submitter rockgod88 Submitted 06/04/2017 Category Tracks  
  10. Version v1


    Fixed this track, Aaron gave me perms to re-upload. gg
  11. Digger showing everyone how its done! only 75 FPS rip
  12. mutt cutts plz
  13. Steven Sims sending it!
  14. theres nothing wrong with the suspension either... If it really matters just used the locked one..