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  1. well dave radzierez did in wrecking crew at new orleans last year now kelvin
  2. Soooooooo Can We Hack Save in Leagues now?
  3. wrong horn blaise lmao
  4. Thats the message that pops up when i click on Syracuse 2016 on version 39.3
  5. welp...Syracuse doesnt work on 39.3 it says [MeshSerializer_v1.8] when i click on it
  6. still wont work
  7. i reallyyyyyy wanna play on this track but it dont work
  8. is their a fix for it?
  9. what does that mean?
  10. it says [MeshSerializer_v1.8] in MeshSweializer::importMesh
  11. Darn, i was looking forward to seeing him saturday, hope all does well maybe CVH will fill in Get Well Soon the one and only Icon
  12. so does that mean that CVH is driving 30 in Orlando next weekend ( I will be attending ) and if so CVH will need to drive the season #PrayforDennis
  13. then whats the point tbh make it for 39.3 as well
  14. .39
  15. @MJFanatic could this perhaps be the BeamNG version of syracuse cause it dont work on ror for me