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  1. practice is always before they paint the course and they only have lines and what not, qualifying is on the double down showdown aka young guns shootout day
  2. Yes indeed
  3. what are u talking about, im confused?
  4. i agree, they are probably gonna unveil the design at the pit party
  5. hmm
  6. Highly doubt it, but u never know
  7. I Predict: FS1 Cleatus - Colt VP Mad Scientist - Lee Soldier Fortune - Chad MaxD - Colton EL Toro - Chuck Werner/ Becky Great Clips Mohawk Warrior - Bryce Kenny Jester - Matt EarthShaker - Pablo Huffaker Alien Invasion - Dustin Brown
  8. the 35th paint is on their, might i add
  9. Love working with you to make trucks, #DynamicDuo
  10. the backflip ramp isnt where the entrance is
  11. Joshwa Tavarez Team Hotwheels Firestorm ( Jack Already Has It ) Discord : Starksm8
  12. um...daddy is that u? also Anaheim show 2 tonight the backflip ramp is on the opposite side where the long barrier is and where the racing lanes are.
  13. Garrett how much time and effort do u really put into making these because from what i am looking at not a whole lot
  14. omg... could be sheet metal from something idk maybe from underneath the truck
  15. well dave radzierez did in wrecking crew at new orleans last year now kelvin