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  1. To think that 2 days ago I joined exactly 1 year ago. Time flies when you do nothing but poopost.

  2. E3

    Twas trash.
  3. Stickin' the landing
  4. I don't think you have any understanding at all of how nodes and beams work.
    Excellent work!
  5. I don't want to see this become the NFL where once you turn 30 you're considered "old." I honestly like mid-range drivers, they're seasoned but aren't too old so we'll see them stick around for a good couple more years. Ryan Anderson, Morgan Kane, and Todd LeDuc are great examples of this, they started not all THAT long ago but are still in great shape and can perform some great shows. New drivers aren't as experienced and can't pull off some of the great things that their machines can do, and old drivers are, get this, old, and their bodies are growing weaker and they have to go easier on the truck and themselves to prevent injuries that take much longer to heal than before. Dennis was out for a good chunk of the 2017 season because of a broken back, which wouldn't have taken as long to heal before but he underestimated his healing time and got back in the Digger too soon. The flood of new drivers and new talent is one of the main reasons I have a hard time keeping up with new Monster Jam, and the breaking down and disappearance of old drivers is one of the main reasons I like watching older Monster Jam.
  6. Good content is never rushed. That's why all of my projects are still awaiting completion, along with the fact that I still need chassis's. kozak pls
  7. Was on my old account that has since been deleted amongst many other videos. May remake it if I get spare time.
  8. Stop following me or else i'll call the FBI

  9. Thought this was already a thing? Thread's kinda dead but it would be nice to see some revival.
  10. Considering Las Vegas is like a huge US tourist attraction I don't see why they wouldn't have two stadiums. Even if they didn't they would hold it in the new stadium. Vegas style racing wouldn't die out because it's just classic J Hook.
  11. Right now I have neither of which so you'll have to ask him directly on the forums or ask a friend/peer of his.
  12. I mean he does have Discord and I'm like 90% sure he has Skype.
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot it was the RAM body. You might wanna ask Andrew for it as my rip is pretty poor quality and I don't really have time to upload it to Mediafire at this moment. Good luck.
  14. You don't need to bump it just because you didn't get an answer immediately, or your thread isn't at the top of Topics. Wait and you will be rewarded. Who knows, it may not even be made. Also this should have gone in requests.