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  1. Bye man Just for this I will help the van stack off Didn't know you for all that long but you were awesome
  2. Why is that paint job so jpeg?
  3. Perspective mode? Press 5 on NumPad if so.
  4. What's up with that low quality rip... You might wanna try painting or tracing the logo in an editor.
  5. For me seeing the new WF track paints was almost as good as seeing special WF bodies.
  6. Back in those days I still remember all of the ramps had some kind of cool pattern in them, like fire or lightning, or even spider webs if I recall correctly. That was definitely something that made the shows more enjoyable to watch.
  7. It's actually an edited Meents chassis. Willmans have different bottom-sections.
  8. All you have to do is take a light texture image and crop it to fit the shape of the light. Looks good so far, but the paint is a little dull and the fonts are a little bland. Try and add some more shades of green to make some stuff pop out more. Well considering Shafer's MP was originally a Chevy Silverado it's nice to see it getting a throwback.
  9. Well since I dun fukd up on the last version of PerpDestruct, restarting with a totally new everything.
  10. I had edited some nodes for my custom that I'm running in SMRA, and I noticed that the truck doesn't stop shaking. Someone had said it was due to not moving props via node/beam correctly, but I honestly have no idea. Am I gonna have to start over or is there a way to fix this?
  11. It would still be nice for him to take 10 seconds out of his day to edit a post and type "Sim Monsters - blah blah blah" into the credits.
  12. Either way, throughout all development stages there should be credit given to the people who gave their resources to make the mod possible. Just like on here, when there's a sh.t-ton of props that people use to make excessively detailed trucks, they at least put "Sim Monsters - Props" in the Credits section to denote that little things like switches, swaybars, and minor paints were made by the Sim Monsters community. If BeamNG chooses to take stuff from us, then they should at least credit us or get permission for them to use it. There is absolutely no excuse why someone who gave you a resource for your project should go uncredited. In other news, why in the blue Hell was this thread bumped lol
  13. The next World Finals is almost exactly 11 months away. Who knows what could happen.
  14. Looking from the side the chassis definitely looks PEI.
  15. So before I download, if you credited yourself for nothing, what is different about this truck over the original?