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  1. 44 downloads

    Welp, this is a thing, decided to turn my Challenger into a big bad monster machine, powered by a 540 HEMI topped with the infamous Hell-infused supercharger. Credits: Blaise - Chassis, Body, NB edits, Tires, Rims, Axle edits, swaybars, other props/edits Wambo - Engine model Mark C - Shock Models Kozak - Chassis making tutorial i watched in like 2013 Crazy - Shifter Klayton - Original axle models IIRC, Transmission i made this junk in like 6 hours Closed custom, PM me if you want to run this
    not too bad of a truck, body sits too high, truck sits too low, headers are wrong, truck weighs 1.5 tons more than it should, one thing kinda neat is the extra cameras
  2. ah yes, those are unused assets, should not effect the truck in any way,
    in its current state, this truck is very poor quality, the body is about 1.3 times overscale, not to mention the wrong model, the NB and shocks are pretty bad, not much lines up, the chassis mesh is acceptable at best, tons of double faces, no shine or edge split, overall, KingKrunch was by far a better truck, hope to see your other trucks have these simple issues fixed.
    truck drives great, gotta love the details like the amazing driver suit and no steering wheel
  3. 729 downloads

    Another remake of a legendary team Grave Digger truck, 14, ran by Dennis Anderson form 2001-2003, Carl Van Horn from 2004-2005, Chad Tingler from 2006-2010, and finally, Ryan Anderson - World Finals 11 This truck uses a 'Drop down' menu to select different variations. IMPORTANT: There are 2 download links, the Main pack, and the Addon. The Addon has the exact same .truck file, the main differences being alternate paint jobs. THEREFORE YOU CAN ONLY USE 1 PACK AT A TIME See below for Changes. \/ Versions include 2001 Main = The normal season truck 2001 Addon = The rare Minneapolis Show 3 paint missing the tombstone lettering 2002 Main = The normal season truck 2002 Addon = The single use Debut scheme missing the purple fog and green graveyard on the rear 2003 Main = The main season truck, with rear wheelie bar 2003 Addon = The single use World Finals 4 paintjob 2004 Main = The main 1st quarter truck, with chrome headers 2004 Addon = The main 2nd quarter truck, with black headers 2007 Main = The main ‘Green Ghost’ season truck 2007 Addon = The World Finals 8 encore truck 2008 Main = The main season truck 2008 Addon ­= Bodyless version of the 2008 truck WF11 Main = The World Finals 11 version driven by Ryan Anderson WF11 Addon = The World Finals 11 version after the encore wreck Credits: Blaise: All blender work, updated NB, Updating Body, Updating Chassis, Paint Edits, Shock setup, Axles edits, Headers, Other misc items Micah: Paintwork, sponsor plates, general help Mat W (xrose): Paintwork, general help 4x4convoy: help with understanding RoR's flawed physics And as per usual, STANDALONE
    Pretty awesome truck, glad to see this up on SM, though minor, has a couple small issues, Missing tierod props, steering wheel, and had the front axle 'bust' a couple times
  4. 293 downloads

    i made this because adam and ryan cant have all the fun
  5. 200 downloads

    Wooden Ramps used at raceway park, these are just a .truck that you can spawn anywhere, you get get in them under the vehicles tab and move them by holding backspace
  6. blaise z gd7 http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3111-grave-digger-7-revamped-pack/ right on
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