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  1. 220 downloads

    i made this because adam and ryan cant have all the fun
  2. 138 downloads

    Wooden Ramps used at raceway park, these are just a .truck that you can spawn anywhere, you get get in them under the vehicles tab and move them by holding backspace
  3. blaise z gd7 http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3111-grave-digger-7-revamped-pack/ right on
    Not a bad looking truck, however here are some issues that caught my eye, - n/b for the shocks and sway bars do not line up very well - the invisible flag node is set to full contact, and is not fixed in place causing handling issues - the headlights on the body are undersized - the shocks are not symmetrical side to side on the rear -front coil-springs have flexbody issues causing them to not bend or sit properly (mostly FL) -knuckles are too far inward, causing clipping, aswell as doubles -driveshafts do not line up (most noticeable on the rear) -rims have doubles on the beadlock -headers do not have a flange plate, and do not line up well -driver cam is too low -why is there a reverse light in the skull? -shock shafts are not long enough, Overall, the truck looks incredible on the main mesh, but these prop/node issues bring it down a bit for me, if you can fix these in the future, it would be close to spot on
  4. If your going to use 0.37 (which I don't recommend) you need to download the SM v4 pack, and for every new truck you download, you need to extract the files in the v4 .zip, I would just stick to 0.48
  5. Version v1


    Adam Anderson's Grave Digger 35, quite possibly the last Cohen chassis digger ever. Sunk quite a bit of detail into this, hope y'all enjoy it. Credits: Blaise: Assembly, Body adjustments, Tire adjustments, Texture adjustments, 4link adjustments, NodeBeam, Sounds, MSD box, Micah: Paint Mark C : Shock Models Jack Merkle: help here and there, testing Kozak: Original Chassis model Klayton: Original Tire models, Original Axles, Original Knuckles Harlow: Original Body SM Community: Any other items I may have not listed Versions include: SEMA - Featuring Purple 4link bars, swaybars, Zoomie headers, and a Custom paint Season - Featuring the regular FELD parts, and Jim McShays 2019 paint Qualifying - Featuring the regular FELD parts, essentially the Season truck with only a hood and GraveDigger Lexan panels STANDALONE
  6. thanks wamsley haha gravedigger
  7. rockgod88

    Car Porn

    Everyone has seen it, but you can't beat it
    Not bad for a second truck, however the stop sign chassis and props with no shine just hurt my eyes a bit, and the digger 16 node beam with the halo could be adjusted or turned off, and some props like 4links and shocks could line up better. Would be awesome to see that fixed in the possible update 👍
  8. Version v1


    After 7 and 8 got into the limelight, it was only fair Dennis's best race truck earns some glory. "Last but not least, this is number 12, and everybody knows about this one" - Dennis Anderson 1997 Credits: Blaise: Chassis, Body adjustments, Tire adjustments, Texture adjustments, Shock adjustments, 4link adjustments, NodeBeam, Axle adjustments, Sounds adjustments, MSD box, Tie rods Micah: 1997 Paint, 1999 Paint, Help with chassis Mat White: 1998 paint, help on 1997 paint Kozak: original Chassis model John Dough: Original Tire models Fernando: Knuckle models, Engine model, Radiator Model, SM Community: Any other items I may have not listed Versions include: 1997 - Reminiscent of Debut of Digger 12 with a beautiful paint job by Fred Bumann 1998 - Reminiscent of Digger 12 in the 1998 season, with a quick paint job by Fred Bumann 1999 - Reminiscent of Digger 12 during Dennis Anderson's Championship season with a paint job by Jim McShay (RIP Fred Bumann) STANDALONE
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