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  1. I suggest beveling out your ramps, they're super squared off. Also try and use some curves in the lines on the track texture. Lotta hard edges in there but it's coming along.
  2. Updated chassis, new front shocks, and probably my favorite Avenger paint to date.
  3. can u please put bodies back on the scrapyard please


  4. Chassis is a Koehler, and its currently being worked on.
  5. I heard vehicles are being considered, but nothing confirmed yet
  6. Idk what you're talking about. That's definitely a puma.
  7. Amazing truck! I absolutely love the webs in the cradle as well as the chrome accents in the paint!
  8. I think you could've just edited your last post for that. Please redo the mud on the tires. It's way stretched out on the treads and the walls aren't too good either.
  9. The only team that matters. The Eagles.
  10. Like, the shine highlights some of the parts where it doesn't look sharp enough. Idk how to describe it, but think of a chassis when you don't edge split it. It has those weird dark spots that make it look "soft".
  11. Body looks pretty rough, recommend fixing that in Blender
  12. Noted, will probably add sometime within the next few days. Just fixed some body clipping in a patch earlier today, so I don't wanna pester the mods with constantly having to reapprove my upload 😂
  13. I've been told that an error was found in Captain's Curse. A fix will go live tomorrow! EDIT: Patch is now live!
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