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  1. Mr. Self Destruct

    Show Your Projects Chapter 65

    Predator with BKTs 0/10
  2. Mr. Self Destruct

    [CUSTOM] RVB Truck

    Idk what you're talking about. That's definitely a puma.
  3. Mr. Self Destruct

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Amazing truck! I absolutely love the webs in the cradle as well as the chrome accents in the paint!
  4. Mr. Self Destruct

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    I think you could've just edited your last post for that. Please redo the mud on the tires. It's way stretched out on the treads and the walls aren't too good either.
  5. Mr. Self Destruct

    Super Bowl LIII

    The only team that matters. The Eagles.
  6. Mr. Self Destruct

    Grave Digger 7 revamped pack

  7. Mr. Self Destruct

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Like, the shine highlights some of the parts where it doesn't look sharp enough. Idk how to describe it, but think of a chassis when you don't edge split it. It has those weird dark spots that make it look "soft".
  8. Mr. Self Destruct

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Body looks pretty rough, recommend fixing that in Blender
  9. Mr. Self Destruct

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Noted, will probably add sometime within the next few days. Just fixed some body clipping in a patch earlier today, so I don't wanna pester the mods with constantly having to reapprove my upload 😂
  10. Mr. Self Destruct

    Blacksmith & Captain's Curse

    I've been told that an error was found in Captain's Curse. A fix will go live tomorrow! EDIT: Patch is now live!
  11. Mr. Self Destruct

    Blacksmith & Captain's Curse

    Version 1.0.1


    Blacksmith was a monster truck built and driven by Pablo Huffaker in 2001, and made frequent appearances in many events until 2007. It was piloted an extensive list of talent, including Pablo Huffaker, when he wasn't behind the wheel of a Grave Digger truck, Ryan Huffaker, Aaron Basl, Carl Van Horn, and Norm Miller. The truck is most famous for its wild crash into the dumpsters at World Finals II, but also pulled off feats such as becoming the runner-up in the World Finals V, and winning Pablo his first World Finals championship in 2007 after the truck was converted to Captain's Curse. After its 2007 victory, the Captain's Curse name was transferred onto a new chassis, and the original Blacksmith chassis was retired. A man once asked me "last one wasn't good enough? XD". To that, I replied "nope, my work is never done until it's perfect". Many advancements were made over the previous iteration of the pack, including fixed nodes, updated props, and improved accuracy. Merry Christmas! The DEFINITIVE Blacksmith collection, featuring EVERY VERSION that EVER ran, as well as Captain's Curse before its chassis swap. Contents: Blacksmith (2001) Season World Finals II Blacksmith (2002-2003) 2002, Grey Beadlocks 2002, Red Beadlocks 2002, Purple Beadlocks 2002, Atlanta 2003, Season 2003, World Finals IV Blacksmith (2004-2007) 2004, Season 2004, World Finals V 2005, World Finals VI 2006, World Finals VII 2007, Season Blacksmith (Bodyless) Captain's Curse (World Finals VIII) Credits: Me: Chassis overhaul, headers edits, Blender work, node/beam editing, shock package editing, various bakes, texture editing, lexan, sponsor plates, axles fixes, shock shaft fixes, rim recoloring, Captain's Curse flag, flag textures on Blacksmith 2002 Atlanta, World Finals IV, World Finals VI, and World Finals VII Kozak: Original chassis, original headers Activision: Body, original paints Alan E: Paints Blaise: Tire shaving, body mounts Marty: Testing, quality inspection, support Wambo: Engine Ryan: Gauges Fernando: Radiators, engine fans, fuel cell, fire extinguisher, air filter Andrew: Radiators, engine fans, fuel cell DanDon: RII box, RII lights, RII pin, fuel/power kill box Steele: Switches Klayton: Original shock models, transmission, battery Johan: Rims John Dough: Original tires Crazy: Shifter, ISP seat Racing Sim Developers Group: Driver model Helen Weales: Driver model edits Will: Beautiful minis and screenshots Sim-Monsters: Anything I may have forgotten to list (please let me know so I can add you!) This truck has not been tested in legacy versions of Rigs of Rods and it is unknown whether it is compatible in such. Please do not complain that it is not! Enjoy!
  12. 1,000 upvotes is my Christmas gift from all of you guys, thanks for the support ❤️

  13. Mr. Self Destruct

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Not all Christmas presents come wrapped and under the tree in the morning. Merry Christmas Sim-Monsters!
  14. Mr. Self Destruct

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    I feel like I've been saying "I'm not dead" a lot lately, but I'm still not dead, just busy. Working on an update to 14, which now includes a remodeled chassis cab and a bodyless version of the 2001 truck. Other goodies to come, so stay tuned...
  15. Mr. Self Destruct

    can we get a ban on Calvin Klein

    inb4 thread deleted