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  1. Fun run

    2-Wheel: Me
  2. The Black Pearl Monster Truck

  3. New Orleans 2018

    @OPSITTESPY13 you got a job! xD
  4. [TRUCK] EarthShaker (Thompson)

    Its @ChaoticMayhem's, when we did the work on it, the one ES with LStraps was just given to us, if we had it before, he would have used that one.
  5. [TRUCK] EarthShaker (Thompson)

    Not even my work of art, but k. If you want your credit, you can have it.
  6. [TRUCK] EarthShaker (Thompson)

    Interrupting cow! MOOO! Sorry @ChaoticMayhem, blender is done, just needs texture stuff.
  7. [TRUCK] EarthShaker (Thompson)

    its already made, just needs some small chassis texture work, Ill ask the creator if he wants to share it in SYP
  8. Custom Reno 2018

    AMAZING! Good Track layout
  9. GDTL Purple Custom/Art

    I guess the "Purple Legend Drama" instigates itself magically. Knowing about eyewitness accounts then this stuff. lol
  10. GDTL Purple Custom/Art

    I'm glad most people enjoy it. I'll come out with a quickie update soon so this mess stops.I
  11. GDTL Purple Custom/Art

    That's the first time someone has ever told me that, no one else has that problem (idk)
  12. GDTL Purple Custom/Art

    Version 3.0.0


    Had this sitting around for a while and decided to update it and release it. Credits Sounds- @xunlex Cloning/Re-Paint- Me Hagan Moskau- Truck Building
  13. El Toro Loco Marc McDonald 2013 (Black)

    Still wondering if you are going to update it.
  14. Soldier Fortune 2018

    Great truck, wish you were able to play ror more :/