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  1. FloridaBoy

    Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    Sorry for spam
  2. FloridaBoy

    ~Sign Ups~

    Nick Taquinto Bustin' Loose 2017 Link TBD
  3. FloridaBoy

    Rigs of Rods Video Thread

  4. FloridaBoy

    MAS signups [OPEN]

    Discord: FloridaBoy#4919 Truck: Pirates Curse (Rummell) Link :
  5. FloridaBoy

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    I haven't posted here before so this will be my first.
  6. FloridaBoy

    Big Sweed 2.0 2018

  7. FloridaBoy

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Just a project I never finished, I decided to work on it and atm this is how it is coming out
  8. FloridaBoy

    Sunday 4/1/18 New Orleans 2018 April Fools Bash

    You know my Name You know my Discord Grave Digger (because it reopened)
  9. FloridaBoy

    Fuel Injection 3

    Nice truck, tires don't bother me lmao
  10. FloridaBoy


  11. FloridaBoy

    Fun run

    2-Wheel: Me
  12. FloridaBoy

    New Orleans 2018 (.4 Compatible)

    @OPSITTESPY13 you got a job! xD
  13. FloridaBoy

    [TRUCK] EarthShaker (Thompson)

    Its @ChaoticMayhem's, when we did the work on it, the one ES with LStraps was just given to us, if we had it before, he would have used that one.
  14. FloridaBoy

    [TRUCK] EarthShaker (Thompson)

    Not even my work of art, but k. If you want your credit, you can have it.
  15. FloridaBoy

    [TRUCK] EarthShaker (Thompson)

    Interrupting cow! MOOO! Sorry @ChaoticMayhem, blender is done, just needs texture stuff.