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  1. ThatOneGamer2K17

    PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    Wolverine....and Little Tiger (both Barthel trucks)
  2. ThatOneGamer2K17

    Vp Arena 2018

    Last show of the season until either later this year or next year....VP mad scientist isn't gonna be retired after debuting in 2016.
  3. ThatOneGamer2K17

    Vp Arena 2018

    He is not retiring.... Its the last stop for him of the season he will be back later this year or next year. Lee even said it was his last stop of the season...smh
  4. ThatOneGamer2K17

    Venom F-150

    lol k
  5. ThatOneGamer2K17

    Ice Cream Man 2018

    the parts for wonder woman hasn't been made yet but someone is already doing it soon.
  6. ThatOneGamer2K17

    Venom F-150

    lol we both had the same idea.. did you hear that Carnage is gonna appear in the upcoming venom film?
  7. ThatOneGamer2K17

    Venom F-150

    lol this is the 2nd time i seen someone make another venom truck even a month after i actually made the damn truck... not trying to be rude just being honest. well i'm not the first i just made it for the upcoming film in october
  8. ThatOneGamer2K17

    how to make tracks on blender

  9. ThatOneGamer2K17

    Linkin Park

    Version 1.0.0


    I did the paint a while back and decided to actually make the truck so this is a late tribute to the late Chester Bennington 1976-2017. Cloning/Paint: Me The rest of the truck: The SM Community I'm not sure if it works for .38 but it does work on .4 just to clarify things (i'm not good at giving credits) It is standalone
  10. ThatOneGamer2K17


    Version 1.0.0


    A truck I decided to make when I was bored just to honor the upcoming Venom film featuring Tom Hardy as Venom Paint: Me Cloning: Me The rest of the truck: The SM community Yes it is standalone
  11. ThatOneGamer2K17

    R/C pack v0.00001

  12. ThatOneGamer2K17

    R/C pack v0.00001

    Someone is already working on it
  13. ThatOneGamer2K17

    Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing

    And all that's left is freestyle
  14. ThatOneGamer2K17

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    All of those avenger world finals repaints look badass
  15. ThatOneGamer2K17

    American Made Monster

    Lol I can see that now