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  1. what i know is that Marcelo is making a SUR pack
  2. Version 1.0.0


    this is just a conversion The Original creator is Hot Shoe
  3. MonsterJam OCD his actual name is Ryan but everyone calls him OCD for short..... He just got done with the paint for little tiger, and recently put it on a truck from spinmaster, just to make it like the world finals 5 version with the black wheels and everything. you can see the truck on his Instagram
  4. That Little Tiger is being hand painted by OCD for RoR, Beam, and Spinmaster. Its also gonna feature the 2003 Champion logo on the hood like it did in real life but its gonna feature the modern Monster Jam logo instead of the USHRA logo
  5. well all i know is that Little Tiger is currently being made by Ryan OCD and a couple of other guys... the last time i saw Little Tiger on the site was from an update Chris Hamilton in SYP 64... not sure if anyone is attempting the Chevy Wolverine but i did hear that it was considered
  6. you have to put it into the zip folder
  7. Name: Chase Sieber Truck: Knuckle Head Link: Discord: ThatOneGamer 2K20#9546
  8. Version 1.0.0


    original creator is imComatose
  9. why BKTs.... the truck doesn't even compete in monster jam
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