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Your Garage (Screenshots Of Trucks You're Driving)

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An Idea I just came up with. Post a screenshot of all the trucks you're currently running or signed-up in (If they're not started yet) for any tour (Sim or off-site). You can add a number to a truck if you're running one in multiple tours. And put the current date below the screenshots too!


Mohawk Warrior = AEMT

War Wizard 2015= HSL

Grave Digger = EMTC

Trail Of The Long Knives = PlayerFour's Tour/FBS

War Wizard 2005 = FRA

El Toro Loco Werner = MTRA

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  • Danny Werewolf changed the title to Your Garage (Screenshots Of Trucks You're Driving)

Garage is getting a little full. Wrecking Machine: AEMT, Rolling Thunder: EMTC, Over Bored: MTRA, and Grinder: Vinny's 2010 Tour.


Also got the retired trucks out back waiting for another chance to rip it up. Black Pearl: MJPOD, Maximum Destruction: TLG S2, Wild Flower: RORMJL S4, Tax Fraud: IMTRS S2, and Eclipse: NAMT S2.


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