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Arnhem 2009 Fun Run! (RORSPS Test Event)


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Hey guys, this is going to be the test event for Rigs of Rods Summer Points Series (RORSPS)! This event will be taking place on Wednesday June 2 at 7 pm est on Arnhem 2009. We will do qualifying, racing and freestyle. Qualifying will last from 7 pm est - 8 pm est with a quick drivers meeting at 8 and then the main event starting soon after. You may use a replica, or a custom as long as you made it or if you've been given permission to use the custom truck. If you choose a replica or a repli-custom, then it must be a truck that is on the Sim Monsters website (If you REALLY want to use a replica that is not on Sim Monsters, then you must dm me about it first before signing up. If you don't, you will not be allowed to use that truck and must change it to one that meets the requirements). If you're using your own custom, then it does not need to be uploaded to Sim Monsters, just know that all members must have access to the trucks. 1 last thing, make sure your 4 link bars are parallel to each other, if your truck is belly dragging with the 4 link bars pointing upwards towards the axles, then you will be asked to raise your ride height to fix the issue (I can do it for you if need be). If your truck is caught belly dragging, then you will not be able to compete until this is fixed! The Top 16 qualifiers will make it into the event. We will be using the latest version of Rigs of Rods, 2021.04, so make sure you have that version downloaded. We are using V4 settings for this fun run. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me here or message me on Discord @ABgamerX (Adam B )✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#4455.

Please join the Sim Monsters voice chat at 8 pm est for a quick drivers meeting where I will go over the rules again, answer any questions/concerns, and explain a few more extra details regarding the event.


  • IMPORTANT: Make sure your timers are working correctly and show up here. If your times do not show up, make sure your anti cheat's api server is set to default and apply changes. Also make sure your "disable online api" option is unchecked. This will be important for calculating points later on, so make sure your times show up BEFORE qualifying.
  • 1 person will be called in at a time (first come 1st serve).
  • I will ask the driver to ready up. Reply with ready, say you're ready in the voice chat, or wiggle your tires to show that you are ready.
  • Then I will say go at a random time in the ROR chat.
  • WAIT until I say ready up before saying ready.
  • You get 1 pass in the lane of your choice (no reruns).


  • When your race is called, you will have 2 minutes to get into the game and spawn in (if you need your race dropped, then let me know before your race is called).
  • I will ask both drivers to ready up. Then a go will be given at a random time in the ROR chat.
  • Lane choice in Round 1 will be based on your qualifying times.
  • Lane Choice for Round 2 onwards will be based on your time from your most recent pass.
  • NO neutral bombing (if you are caught, a 5 second penalty will be applied).
  • You will be given a 5 second penalty if both front tires do not hit the racing ramps.
  • 90 degree turn rule: If your truck surpasses 90 degrees upon entering a turn, you will be given a 5 second penalty.


  • You have 2 minutes to impress the 3 judges.
  • BE REALISTIC. If it hasn't been done in real life, chances are it is unrealistic. If a move is deemed too unrealistic then it won't be counted towards your score and might lead to a possible RII. I will let some moves slide, but don't be stupid with your runs.
  • You will be RII'd for hard cage hits, hitting the wall, if your truck is on its lid, and other huge crashes.


There will be an overall event champion as well, so make sure you aim high in these competitions to earn as many points as possible. Remember most importantly to have fun!

Times: (Wednesday 6/2/21)

Qualifying: 7 pm est - 8 pm est

Drivers Meeting: 8 pm est

Main Event: ~ 8:10 pm est

Track Link: 


Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1052DhbKcx9NkuubZ1WaEz2RNh5Z9XQ3qAMO2jqZjbyQ/edit?usp=sharing


Sign Up Format: (You must use this format correctly or else you may risk losing your truck slot. Remember to read the truck requirements posted above before signing up and look at the spreadsheet to see which trucks are taken!)



Truck Link:


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2 minutes ago, Jack Merkle said:

Name: Jack Merkle 

Truck: Grave Digger XX

Truck Link: TBA

Discord: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642

Grave Digger is already taken by one of the officials

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Name: Cinnamon DaFox

Truck: Scream Bloody Gore (can explain name if needed)

Truck Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KsYOdPvdtzbPm_hEecG16svmgdVwyXyx/view

Discord: CinnamonDaFox/HyideeDaProto#0187



Edited by CinnamonDaFox
Updated truck link
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4 minutes ago, CinnamonDaFox said:

Name: Cinnamon DaFox

Truck: Scream Bloody Gore (can explain name if needed)

Truck Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18O_5ZXhY7tvpT0z2vSdn0kczwtgJohYL/view?usp=sharing

Discord: CinnamonDaFox/HyideeDaProto#0187

I would prefer if you put in your actual name. If you feel too uncomfortable putting in your full name, then your first name and last name's initial will be fine

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1 minute ago, ABgamerX said:

I would prefer if you put in your actual name. If you feel too uncomfortable putting in your full name, then your first name and last name's initial will be fine

I'll use my usual online name that's close to my name but not giving it away

Sam Greyhame

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