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King Of The Hill: Thanksgiving Throwback


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So, with the idea in mind of bringing KOTH back to the forefront, another thing I wanted to do that hadn't been done in awhile was a full on replica event. But seeing as how there are so many who look back fondly on the mid to late 2000's era of monster trucks, I decided to take everyone on a trip down memory lane. I gave you all the choice on which era we would do, and the voting ended in a tie so I had to make an executive decision. To that end, I selected the 2011 Phoenix Monster Jam as the event we would travel back in time to relive. A lot of history has been made inside the home of MLB's Arizona Diamondbacks when it pertains to these monsters, and it's time for them to write yet another chapter while paying homage to year's past.

Here are the specifics for the event:
Signups open Friday, November 26th, 2021 at 8:00pm eastern.

Event will take place on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 at 8:00pm eastern; driver's meeting will start at 7:45pm eastern.

Per the usual, this will be a 1 night points championship.

Sign ups are first come, first served and once all spots are filled any remaining signups will be put into the fill in pool.

All drivers must be in Special Events voice chat for the driver's meeting at the specified time.

Anyone who doesn't join that didn't let officials know prior that they would be late will be replaced, no exceptions.

Event will consist of qualifying, racing, and freestyle.

All races will be timed for lane choice during the bracket.

1 tiring a ramp will result in a 5 second penalty, missing a ramp entirely will result in a disqualification.

Jumping the start (red lighting) will also result in a disqualification.

Freestyle runs will be 2 minutes long (1 minute and 30 sec regulation, 30 sec bonus time) and are to be 2011 realistic, anything deemed otherwise will result in deductions from your score.

Any other specific rules will be mentioned during the driver's meeting.

Here is the template to use for your signup:
Discord Username:

Link to the track: TBP

Please note that you are only signing up to claim a spot, trucks and drivers will be paired via a randomized draw.

Also, regardless if you end up competing in this event or not, I wanna wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Please do not take what you have for granted, as things can change at any second so make sure to count your blessings.

Hope to see 12 of y'all next Tuesday!

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