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(1/16/22) FBS: Freestyle War III: Team Brandon Adam v. Team Chadwick Deerfoot (All Monster's Eve III)

Brad Kerlin

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Next Sunday night we will see FBS: Freestyle War III: Team Brandon Adam v. Team Chadwick Deerfoot! At Freestyle War I, it was between two leagues from completely different worlds both wanting to prove their supremacy over the other, at Freestyle War II, it was all about 14 men giving everything they had in order to prove that they indeed, were extreme. And now here at Freestyle War III, it's between two men, who both have defined FBS since the beginning. Both men who have made history in their own right, whether it's becoming the first ever double champ, or becoming the first ever FBS-NEO Overall Champion. These two men have faced each other one-on-one multiple times, but now it's time to blow off the rivalry in the biggest way possible. Chadwick Deerfoot, current FBS Grand Champion and former Division 1 and Tag Team Champion, he's been the man to beat since he stepped in the door, and that's for a reason. When it comes down to it, Chadwick is the best big money match performer in FBS. And no one has been able to figure how to beat him when it counts. And then there's his opposition. Brandon Adam, the current FBS Extreme Rules Champion, the first (and prolly second) FBS-NEO Overall Champion, and a former Tag Team Champion, he's the man to beat in pretty much any event he's in right now, but he hasn't been able to reach the top of FBS. But he has that opportunity here. Both of these men will each lead 8 men into Freestyle War.  And the stakes are as high as ever, as the team captain and the surviving members of the winning team will earn a Grand Championship shot. For this event we are heading to All Monster's Eve 3! This might just be the biggest floor FBS has seen, and it has plenty of space but also, a HUGE double bus stack, a plane jump, a concrete block jammer ramp, and much more. A well deserving battlefield. Will this be Brandon's time? Or is Chadwick going to once again prove why he might just be the greatest driver FBS has ever seen? The answer to those questions is in their, and their team's hands. See you on the track! 


Match Order: (Times are in EST)

Phase 1: 
7:00 PM - 
7:15 PM - 
7:30 PM - 
7:45 PM - 
8:00 PM - 
8:15 PM - 
8:30 PM - 
8:45 PM - 
9:00 PM - 

9:15 PM - Phase 2


Sign-Up Format: 


Sign-Ups cap at 16 drivers. For this event you may use whatever you wish. (If it is a private truck we will need the link by January 15th.)


Track Link: 


Sign-Ups Close & Draft: January 13th, 9:30 PM EST

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QdeIIMMl952OdNfmx_nblhDTFW5QZTOCywkS4XLE1jc/edit?usp=sharing

This event will be live streamed in the Sim Monsters Discord voice chat. See you for the event!

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