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King Of The Hill 2023: More Bounce 2 The Ounce 1 - Las Vegas


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In the famous words of Diamond Head: "Am I evil? Yes I am!"


King Of The Hill returns after taking a hiatus last year (more on that below and later in other posts), and this one is bound to be wild!

So what is going on here exactly? Well, just about the craziest combo of a track and field of trucks I could possibly think of, and it started as a joke tbh. I, along with other members of the community, were discussing possible ideas for KOTH events last year and lots of great suggestions were made; including the first ever mega truck KOTH event. During the course of that discussion however, I had an idea that would put any of Jimmy Neutron's brain blasts to shame. One of the tracks that was released around the time of this discussion was based inside the home of the Tournament of Kings, a highly popular Middle Ages themed dinner and show experience at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. The arena is plenty big enough for it's normal use, but when you bring in the monsters it quickly becomes quite cramped. Modern stage 3 tube chassis trucks can handle it decently enough, but it's still far from easy; but I had a devious idea. What if we had an event on that track with their predecessors, stage 2 competition leafers? 

Sounds like a recipe for a glorious and entertaining disaster right?

I was hesitant to mention the idea at first because leafer trucks can be a divisive topic among folks around here, but I figured why not put the idea out into the ether and see if anyone was interested. To my surprise a lot of people were, so I locked it into the schedule. Now this was around March of last year (2022) and the plan (and the KOTH schedule for last year as whole) was never set in motion, mainly due to the revival of RoR MT Pro; but there was also the issue of not having enough quality leafers available to use. But that issue has been rectified thanks to @WorpeX with the release of his LF 4 trucks, and since MTP is in it's offseason, I think it's time we get down to business!

So here's everything you need to know:

Event Date - Sunday, June 4th, 2023.
Driver's Meeting - 8pm eastern.
Start Time - 8:30pm eastern.

Sign-Ups open on Friday, June 2nd, 2023 at 8pm and are first come, first served.
There will be 10 spots up for grabs, once all 10 spots are claimed any sign ups posted afterwards will go into the fill in pool.
Your sign up will only guarantee you a spot in the show, as trucks will be assigned at random.
Also, if you take a spot knowing full well you won't be able to compete (aka gatekeeping), you will be suspended from participation in KOTH events indefinitely.

You must be present in the Special Events voice chat at the start of the drivers meeting, failure to do so will result in you being replaced with an alternate.
If you're gonna be late, let us know in advance and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

This will be a 1 night points championship consisting of 3 competitions; Wheelie Contest, Single Truck Time Trials, and Side By Side Drag Racing.
The finishing order of the wheelie competition will set the order for the time trials, and in similar fashion the finishing order of time trials will set the bracket for the drag racing competition.
Competitors will score points in each event based off of where they finish, and the driver with the highest combined total points will be crowned King Of The Hill at the end of the night.

Other specific rules will be gone over during the driver's meeting.

You are not allowed to make any changes to the trucks or track provided without approval from a KOTH official, if you're caught doing so you will be suspended from KOTH participation indefinitely.

Sign Up Format:
Discord (must be in the SM discord server, and must be enrolled in Special Events):

Link to the track:

Link to the trucks:

You can see the marquee trucks in the flyer, but the full field will be revealed in the days to come.

10 hopefuls but only 1 crown, who will rise and claim the throne as the first ever King Of The Leafers? We'll find out next Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!


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Results for More Bounce 2 The Ounce Vegas:


Grave Digger - Zach Steele
Gun Slinger - Mr. Freeze
Bear Foot - Damian Bowers
First Blood - Brandon Adam
Clydesdale II - Robert Anthony
Iron Eagle - Blake Thompson
U.F.O. - Adam Boyne
Predator - Tyler May
Invader - Chadwick Deerfoot
Monster Mash - (Did Not Compete)

Side X Side Drag Racing:

1. Grave Digger - 19
2. First Blood - 18.5
3. Bear Foot - 18
4. Predator - 17
5. Invader - 17
6. U.F.O. - 16.5
7. Clydesdale II - 13
8. Iron Eagle - 10
9. Gun Slinger - 9

Obstacle Course:
1. Iron Eagle - 14.61 secs (1st run)
2. First Blood - 14.65 secs (1st run)
3. Invader - 14.71 (2nd run)
4. U.F.O. - 15.66 (2nd run)
5. Bear Foot - 15.78 (2nd run)
6. Grave Digger - 16.10 (1st run)
7. Predator - 16.97 (2nd run)
8. Gun Slinger - 17.31 (2nd run)
9. Clydesdale - 21.01 (2nd run)

Overall Points:
First Blood - Brandon Adam: 148
Grave Digger - Zach Steele: 143
Iron Eagle - Blake Thompson: 142
Invader - Chadwick Deerfoot: 140
U.F.O. - Adam Boyne: 139
Bear Foot - Damian Bowers: 137
Predator - Tyler May: 136
Clydesdale II - Robert Anthony: 130
Gun Slinger - Mr. Freeze: 127

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