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Rigs Of Rods Monster Truck League Season 1 Sign-Ups


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Sign-Ups for Season 1 will be open from now till November 14th.

24 Drivers will be drafted into 2 Stadium Tours that will be hosted on TBD (Weekdays only). If we get more sign-ups than expected we may up the amount of spots we have. 

Custom Rules

  • This tour is completely custom trucks, no replicas.
  • All trucks will be ran on the same Base CRD Chassis which will be provided below
  • Any custom truck is allowed (make them look good)
  • Messing with the truck's settings will not be allowed, everyone will run the same base truck.
  • Only thing allowed to be changed are the colors of props (sway bars, chassis color, etc.)
  • If there is an issue with the body fitting the truck be sure to contact one of the league officials
  • Absolutely No Changing Nodes

Truck Link

Sign-Up Format

Truck Name:
Logo (PNG) (Not Required Yet): 
Theme Song:
If you have an image of your truck (any image of the truck, doesn't have to be on the base chassis):


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Name: Christian Lenued
Truck Name: Work Horse
Discord: kil15witch
Logo (PNG) (Not Required Yet):

Theme Song:  

If you have an image of your truck (any image of the truck, doesn't have to be on the base chassis): spacer.png

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