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Show Your Projects Chapter 31


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Reposted for immidate burial


Click the following video before proceeding

















Most of this is placeholder as hell.

So anyone have good reference of the visor? I have two images to work with and i have no idea how the top works


Also, find the easter egg on NN, first to find it gets nothing

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So I kinda "Upgraded" Cleatus' chassis/rims/tires a while back,and I just found these...



I know Cleatus runs a CRD but I'm not releasing it soo :P


Davy made the truck all I did was "Upgrade" it a little.


And for Harlow, the Easter Egg is on the hockey puck, it says, " This Is Not An Easter Egg."

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That F150 is literally the single worst model i have ever seen. For the love of god don't use it


And yes, i guess that spot was pretty obvious for the easter egg. Just as a heads up, everything i release will have at least one easter egg in it. First to find them after release gets to request a model. Have fun

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