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SMRA Throwdown Champion and Also who made it To the World finals


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Your 2014 Throwdown Champion:Mark Colineri!!!






Mark Colineri

Dan Agosh

Chadwick Deerfoot

Jon Cannon

Aaron Lurie

Andrew Sheets

Nick Kozak

Danny Mackey

Josh Gajewski

Mason Watts

Devin Doss

Chris Hamilton

Daniel Donnelly

Andrew Wamsley

Tyler May

Joshua Micks

Josh Rhodes

Johan Seminario

Zach Nicholas

Michael DesRoches.


21-Mike Murray
22-Dylan Bernier
23-Mark Iron
22-Preston Perez



 Also in this Thread plz post the Freestyle songs


                                                                                                         FPS: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ua7xe71xzc3xukq/SMRADenverFPS.zip

                                                                                                         Track: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j4grskztf9af5t4/SMRADenver.zip


I will be on Aim around 5 pm on Monday. So message me on Restored429. 

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Wreckless Intent- Seek and Destroy, Metallica




Congrats to Mark on taking Throwdown titles and the Overall as well. Amazing driving all year long from him and he certainly earned this championship.


I had a blast this season in SMRA. Most people know I haven't ran competitively in ROR in a long time but I wanted to commit to this because I believed in it. Dan, Chadwick, Mark, Johan, Danny, and everybody else that helped out this year keeping this series pointed in the right direction deserves a hell of a lot of praise. I'm proud to be in this World Finals, and I look forward to putting on the best show possible.

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First and foremost, Green Lantern: Burn In My Light by Mercy Drive

Secondly, I couldn't be any happier with how all of this turned out. I started out in this deal simply as hired gun (who has been best known for always coming out and putting on as realistic of a performance as possible, to a fault at times), bringing in a new but very well received truck. Literally, my main goal was to never flip the truck at all this year (though that didn't happen lol), anything else was simply gravy on the country fried steak; but needless to stay, what has transpired during the course of the season still boggles my mind. From picking up 4 freestyle wins, to taking over ownership of Can-Am Racing, to being brought in as an event manager; none of it I saw coming. Though I will say the most gratifying thing was seeing how well the team did as a whole, the biggest highlight being Kozak winning the Overall Arena and Arena Freestyle points titles; seeing someone who has been at this game for so long finally pick up a championship, let alone 2, is flat out awesome.

I personally want to thank Agosh for putting this all together, the guys from SSRS who provided support to get this thing off the ground, Colineri and Bernier for all of their hard work, and every single person who ran in this for helping to make it a success. While I should be focused on getting everything ready for the SMRA World Finals, I can't help but think of what's to come the rest of the year and going into season 2. I for one think SMRA is here to stay, and I'm proud to have taken part in the first budget league to finish a full season.
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Monster Truck: Overkill Evolution

Theme Song: "Overkill" by Motorhead


Congratulations to Mark on the championship secondly. And a big thanks to Dan for bringing back a league that really separates the men from the boys when it comes to driving monster trucks in Rigs of Rods competition. And another thanks to all the SMRA staff members that have helped out this year as event directors, officials, judges, etc. It was a phenomenal first season, and I have a feeling that season two will be even bigger and badder than this year! I was honored to be able to help out as an official/judge for many events, and I'm happy to be apart of the first season and its overall success, but bigger credit goes to the event managers and Dan as the head honcho of the league. Great season guys, I can't wait for the finals!

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Thanks so much everyone for the kind words! I had a great time this season, not only competing, but helping Dan run the series. My goal this season was to go out there and do the best I could, and I think I achieved that. 


Thank You Dan for putting on this awesome series! This season so far was an absolute blast, and I cannot wait for future endeavors from this series as a whole. Also, Thank You to everyone who not only stepped up to help me out in the events I ran, but to anyone and everyone who helped out with the series at any point in the season. This has been the best series I have been apart of in a very long time. We still have some big things planned, so don't think SMRA will be going away anytime soon.


Best of luck to all of you in the World Finals, it is sure to be a good one!


Truck: Working Class

Theme Song: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Workin'

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Although I missed a few events, very glad to be able to run this league. All the event directors did a fantastic job running all the events, and overall was a great season! Congrats to Arena champ Kozak and stadium champ Mark Colineri! 

Oh yea, a song...

Gear Jammer- George Thorogood and the Destroyers

Something upbeat and fun for this finale!

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