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Fun Run @ Cincinnati 2011: Saturday, March 14th, 2015 (TONIGHT)


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Straight forward 16 truck fun run.  16 race, 16 freestyle.  No obstacle course. Random Brackets, first 16 to sign-up are in.
Track: Cincinnati 2011 by Klayton Halog
Event Rules:
  1. Replica and Repli-custom trucks only, add-ons are allowed, but must have a download link provided
  2. Top 16 will be in the event
    1. First 16 to sign-up will be in the event, random brackets will be used.
    2. All 16 will race, all 16 will freestyle
    3. Freestyle will be 2 minutes, no bonus
      1. Realism will be key, but will not be heavily enforced
      2. There will be no backflips allowed on this course.
Event Times:
  • Closes: Saturday 3/14/15 @ 7:00 est/6:00 cst
  • AIM Chat Opens: Saturday 3/14/15 @ 7:30 est/6:30 cst
  • Driver's Meeting: Begins once 16 drivers are present
  • Racing, and Freestyling: Begins shortly thereafter
  • Field size is the first 16 sign-ups, anyone below that is a fill-in.
Blank Sign-Up:
Download Link (if applicable):
  1. Marcus Santana - Grinder
  2. Trenton Ray - Metal Mulisha
  3. Aaron Lurie - Son-uva Digger
  4. Sava Dragojevic - Northern Nightmare
  5. Jonathan Soto - Bulldozer
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