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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    I think I realized what it was. it's not that the bed is too low. it's where it needs to be. its how the wheel well on the dump bed is. each side of the wheel well is NEARLY even, when on the real truck the rear part of the wheel well sits far above the front of the wheel well. in this case I'd say at least a foot or so higher. I know that may sound dumb to a few people but I can't be the only one here.
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Am I the only one that feels like the Dump bed on earth shaker is sitting too low, and is just a tad too long or a proportion, whether the front, or the bed, is off? idk SOMETHING seems off but the bed definitely feels like its sitting a bit low
  3. Foxborough 2017

    please fix the crossthreads on the front of the big air ramp. please.
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    All I have to say is: for the love of god make the front of the big air ramp crossthreadable on the sides instead of insta backflip.... idk if it was you who made foxboro but it the sides on ALL the big air ramp fronts need to be crossthreadable... not a near 90 degree side......... no straight up and down jump, a crossthread with air...
  5. Foxborough 2017

    Amazing track. I love it. but can you PLEASE make the backflip smoother and the sides of the big air raimp crossthreadable? they werent nearly 90 degrees. they were at a 40 degree angle.
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Agreed. The body is rather square looking, whereas fluffy is more rounded, really.
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Track looks great but there are some things I noticed that you should probably fix. up to you. There was a two car step up between the racing lane and the giant dirt hill, not a dirt pad. the giant dirt hill itself was wider than that, and the lower half of the dirt hill on the inside of the track needs to be to be long enough to crossthread, and not steep on the sides. also your stockholm stack next to the big dirt hill is missing a car. theres one car sideways, and two on top. your hybrid pod is also missing some parts that were raised up. the jammer needs to be shorter with a wider top, and moved back farther. here's a video for reference.
  8. My Idea For A Monster Jam Game

    That game isn't marketed to a child audience though
  9. My Idea For A Monster Jam Game

    we need to also remember that its probably not possible to get certain character names anymore
  10. My Idea For A Monster Jam Game

    Alright, now that I have the time to do so, I'll capitalize on my ideas, but after I comment on what you said. I completely forgot that my idea about DLC's wasn't in that little snippet I posted, but yes, DLC would be a part of my perfect game. Now, the reason why those trucks and stadiums should NOT be unlocked from the get-go, is because those trucks and stadiums being unlocked in multiplayer would be a given so you COULD play with everyone else. Those trucks and stadiums would NOT be unlocked for single player. you have to EARN them. its play value. if everything is already unlocked then what's the point in trying? as for customization unlocks, I thought that was covered in my snippet, but yes, those should be unlockable on and offline. there lays the play value. it will make you want to play the game more. it will keep people playing. they will want to earn special bodies and parts and oldschool skins or skins from previous years. Monster energy would be an absolute no go. monster energy isn't good with the family/children crowd right now, thus why there are no toys, and it hasn't been in the games. BUT, that won't stop someone from making it in the customization feature, with vinyls and that f-150 or escalade body. so you basically cheat the system XD DLC. I think dlc should be replica tracks from years past, with repaints so they can bypass copyrighting Advance Autoparts, and any other sponsors they use to have. as well as trucks not included in the game launch, such as independants and alternative skins for trucks, etc.this is how I would go if I was gonna make a MONSTER JAM game... Now, I'm going to move on to my ideas. Considering everyone wants to have Independent promoters, AND FELD as the headliners of the game, it will be impossible to make everyone happy. I say, we take the Rockstar route, and mimic everything like they do with their game, about IRL stuff. make it all look like the IRL stuff, but in a slightly altered way, then take the customization feature for tracks and trucks, make the creator have great detail, and let the FANS make the replica tracks and replica trucks themselves. Albeit, we wont have particular trucks, but we can allow people to have customization options to get as close as possible. like having a face front clip, and a pirate hat, arms on the sides, a shark type body, a dump truck bed, etc props, so you can imitate the real things. everything else is up to how good at vinyl making people are. Mimic the stadiums/arenas, and add in raceways and stuff, that way we can all be happy! It's literally a win win! now just add in all the ideas from our original post, and we have a game, minus the IRL stuff. Now I know that people are gonna be sad they won't have Monster mutt, or Grave digger, but hey, at least this route, it will be more possible to have our cake and eat it, and like I said before, have ALIKE truck bodies, so people can replicate with vinyls! then put it on a fileshare system for everyone to be able to download! so people kinda CAN have Digger and Mutt! OR, if the creators wanted to, they could make DLC trucks that they release every so often, that sort of capture the identity of IRL trucks. Absolute do not though, that I don't want to hear or see, is driving from show to show. that crap is dumb and boring to children (and basically everyone). remember who you're marketing to. YES I know we are kinda making this for adults, but there has to be a child aspect to this game, so there can be a base market to sell to.
  11. My Idea For A Monster Jam Game

    You actually took the words out of what i was about to finish that up with. Im a little busy at the moment but i was going to cover more of what all you just said
  12. My Idea For A Monster Jam Game

    Here's something I commented a while back. let me copy and paste it, then I'll build off of that. My perfect game would have about the same setup as POD did. Except more in depth. You start with a pre set of unlocked trucks, and unlock more as you progress through the game. You start out with two events unlocked and you HAVE to complete both of them them to progress to the next two events. I say two because one should be an arena and one should be a stadium. The arena will have a racing, freestyle, time trial, and wheelie events. Wheelies scoring will be determined by the amount of angle you can achieve with a total score after all 4 hits. 4 hits, a nnd you can use all four corners. The stadium event will have racing, freestyle, wheelies, and a stunt mode where you can collect letters or destroy stuff or some rigamarole arcade style mini game. Along with the pre set trucks, you can also select a custom truck with pre set unlocked stuff, bodies, parts, decals, with more you can either unlock with progress or credits you earn. Do a series of say 5 or more events that have an arena and stadium stop, then Vegas by itself, no arena. Vegas has racing, freestyle, and stunt mode, with an encore event that is unlocked ONLY if you get gold/platinum in all three events, with a truck unlock that has the yearly vegas design on it. That's career mode. Unlocks can also include a chrome version of every truck. Have an online mode to go with it so you can play online with friends, as well as a track creator mode, and a file share system so you can share your custom trucks and tracks you make. Have stadium and arena events, as well as mini games like hide and go seek and etc.
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    personally because there are so many trophy trucks on BeamNG, I would have gone with a different body, but absolutely great work!
  14. I would like a custom truck made that I have been asking for, for nearly a year. I didn't want to have to offer payment, but if I have to, I will. I can paypal the money, or whatever process is necessary. As you can tell from my design, it's a front end loader. I'll work with whoever I have to on the design, but I have color schemes and ideas. I'm open to suggestions during the process and anything that might make the design better, but I'd like help on this please. ANY suggestions for names would be appreciated.
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    LOVE the smra track. If you love crossovers, i was wondering if you guys would like to see some crossover designs ive made. Its not on ror unfortunately but id love to pass my ideas on to some of you guys. I made these tracks on halo. And before you guys go throwing tomatoes, im a top tier track builder on halo and id love to get my ideas out there. I have several different crossover ideas id love to share, as well as some more racing styles and obstacle designs. Id post them elsewhere but i have no guarantee you guys will look at it. Could i possibly share them here for you guys? Or can i get you all to look at them somewhere else?