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RoR MT Pro Season 3 Signups


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Welp, it's finally time for MTP to get Back To Business!

It's been 7 long years since season 2 wrapped up, and we're finally back with a full schedule and a true direction to work off of. For Season 3, we're using the TNT Unfinished Business event that happened irl as inspiration, as we noticed how many people enjoyed the concept. With that in mind, here are the basic details for what's going on:

There will be 4 tours (Extreme East, Chaotic Central, Manic Mid-West, and Wild West) and each tour will have 5 events total.
Each tour will have a set field of 12 competitors, and those fields will be determined by MTP officials.
Each event will consist of wheelies, racing, and freestyle, and each event will count towards your points total.

Trucks will be repli-customs of old identities, with 5 main requirements that must be met:
1. The identity must have debuted before 2001.
2. The identity must have been inactive or used infrequently for a minimum of 10 years.
3. The scheme must clearly reflect a past version of the identity.
4. The chassis used on the truck must be an irl design (no custom designs) and has to be a 2010 model or newer.
5. The identity must use a body from a manufacturer that it used irl.

Also, all trucks must be stand alone and uploaded to Sim Monsters unless otherwise stated.

Extreme East

Wild West

Chaotic Central

Manic Midwest

Grand Finals

Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C2V_RiipRdKlH48qpJRTxmEjcgaYvSPUKmKZAixYtFo/edit?usp=sharing
Rule Book - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_s--FRDvTjSnMIRLDOK98168gkBbwm6FaxNZYtFbxx0/edit?usp=sharing
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/simmonsters/?hl=en
League Guidelines - https://sim-monsters.com/topic/10267-ror-mt-pro-guidelines-and-personell/

Signups will take place on Friday, May 27th, 2022 at 10PM eastern.
Signups are first come, first served until all 32 spots are filled and final say on who's locked in belongs to me.
Once all of the locked in spots are claimed, the remaining signups will be put into the fill in pool.
Once an identity is claimed, it is off the board.
Each identity will be reviewed to see if it meets the requirements, but 2 names that are completely off limits are Bigfoot and Grave Digger.

Here is the signup format:
Truck Link:

Here's to the return of RoR MT Pro!


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Name: Tenacity Bethke
Discord: Ten#1312
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Truck: Bulldozer 99 (Meents) on Max-D 8
Truck Link: Coming Soon (needs to be cloned)
Preferred Tour: Extreme East 



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