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  1. Yes, the time you receive will be in red in the top right corner of your screen. The lights are not supposed to work
  2. You used my digital strip things I made for Southaven as wall banners? And you thought I wouldn't notice 😝
  3. I had this same problem while working on the yellow for WF18 (I was also using overlay). The first methods I found that worked best was copying and pasting multiple overlays over each other. This however then made it harder to erase for wear and tear. However the other method i found was to just lighten up the dirt beneath (like just that section, keep the rest of the dirt the normal dark color). Then to make wear and tear just clone stamp the dirt over it (you can edit brushes the exact same whether it be using the eraser or clone stamp) That’s my just my experience with it from WF18. You can also try different blend modes other than overlay if that’s an option
  4. Your ramps are very steep
  5. Drive Name: Chris Bialek Driver Discord: Already in there Truck Name: Destroyer
  6. Chris B


    Version 1.0.0


    Concept I had, came out really nice! Turn lights down, have fun Credits: Me- Digital Screens, Rage logo, design and prop placement FernBurn- Props Andrew- Props Kozak- Chassis Sweg- The original truck Mark Sim Monster Community
  7. "Broooooooooooo you gotta make a sick Rage body for the WRA World Finals" "No....that's just what they'll be expecting..." EDIT New Digital Screen Idea I had, worked out nicely
  8. Monster Energy = good for your soul pending on the track pack
  9. Move your cursor to the top left corner of the screen, then a menu will appear. Hover over "simulation" and click spawn new vehicle.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    World Finals 18 Freestyle! Is it perfect... not at all. Is it damn good... hell yeah! Worked hard on this over the past month to get this old project of mine completed, and here she is! Keep in mind that this is a high quality track, so if your computer is known for running things below say 30 FPS, you're gonna have a bad time. There is no low quality version because I simply didn't feel it was necessary. Feel free to resize textures on your own if you are having troubles running it. But this is way more optimized for performance that the crappy racing course in terms of vertices and texture sizing. Two Versions: Part 1 (after about 10 trucks have went) and Part 2 (muddy mess!) Now the credits! Rockcrawler (Klayton) - the cars, the bus, the original stadium model, dirt textures, various little textures Maxdman- props like bulldozers and hybrid obstacles, some textures, a lot of inspiration in terms of baking and decreasing amounts of verts Me- the track itself (like the ramps), putting it all together, material and odef files Google Images- mini photos and various logos Chazzymp (Mason)- the exterior posters and some entertaining snaps to looks at when I got bored Rigs of Rods dev team- help with some code things Monster Jam's Youtube Channel- The "fathers day rewind" that gave me all my reference shots Mcdonalds- Food for when I was hungry Instagram- a constant distraction Don't roll in the turn
  11. Yes, after all he is just a television personality they put in a truck to build exposure. Similar to what they did to get Madusa in the early 2000s. I personally dislike them both. Diesel Dave (the diesel brother one) seems to be okay though. And I’m just going to defend my boy Damon real quick. In my opinion, he was one of the most real, down to earth, and humble drivers out there. I had actual conversations with a couple of times and he was probably the most interesting and friendly guys in the industry. Just cuz he wasn’t a Bryce Kenny in terms of enthusiasm doesn’t mean he was a douche. Or maybe you just had a bad experience with him, which is actually totally understandable. Like, and I know most will disagree with me, but based on multiple experiences I’ve had with Todd Leduc, I’ve really started dislike him due to his cöckyness and egocentricity. I’ve only met him in real life twice, but both times I just got a bad vibe from him.
  12. I think these are worthy of a new SYP thread! World Finals 18 Freestyle is officially done modelling wise! Release is only a few days away... And in case you were wondering, there's two versions of the track. Part 1 with everything still pretty fresh, and Part 2 with 3 different grip setting throughout the track to simulate the track getting wet from drivers going through the pond. The bottom 2 pics are part 2
  13. He literally just crashed and then laid on the throttle... calm down bud
  14. "We're getting paid for this, right?" - Tyrese Gibson from the critically acclaimed smash-hit blockbuster "Fast and Furious 6". With this bit of humor, Tyrese went on to win 2293 Academy Awards, launch himself into early retirement, and officially purchase the forgotten country of Madagascar. Well done, Tyrese, well done...
  15. Might’ve just lowkey made one of the sexiest trucks on the site... love it!
  16. Please make the ProMT body he’s running now, love that scheme! looking really good so far though, keep it up 👍
  17. Yeah for sure, I was thinking that too. This version is meant to be after 10ish trucks go, so it isn’t supposed to be destroyed, but I totally get a little more 👍 I also want to make a later version with the water overflowing out of the pond, making the surrounding area muddy. So that will be the really worn down track
  18. Okay, this is something that I know we all, including myself, thought died.... but then one day I found the files and I thought that this would be a fun track to finish, and I started working on it again. I know at this point it's "really old", but does it look like I give a f*ck? Nah, this was getting finished no matter what. I just needed a break and boom, yall will have it soon!
  19. Chris B

    Problematic 2019

    Awesome paint! And the neon lighting effect looks so good, I was thinking of using it on a truck, just didn’t feel like creating a whole truck. Glad you could make use of it! I’ll probably play around with it even more eventually, I wanna make it flash and stuff
  20. Indeed, very cool! but I’m pretty sure the show didn’t have that many people there, especially the upper deck. Maybe take some out from up there And skyboxes are pretty cool, and easy. I personally don’t like freestyling at 2pm, but up to you. either way glad to see u back!
  21. @AaronLurie (sorry I forgot to quote lmao) Okay first of all I want to say I envy how fast you can get a track near completion in Blender. Like cmon, first the Hotwheels tour, now this?! Also the scaling looks pretty accurate, I'm excited. Anyways, I know you've been doing this way longer than me, and are overall much better, but there's a few things I want to say. Obviously, there's the dirt texture, but rock already pointed that out and whatever. Maybe try baking the dumpsters and some of the tarps too (or at least darkening it), like Maxdman does; gives it those nice shadows. Also my really old pirate ship that's on Tampa 2002 should still be up to date (I know it's really old and not the best, just an option), it should be modeled after the 2016 one. Idk if I would even include or just go and make a new one, up to you. Finally, the 3d fans were something I've been trying to work on for a while but never really got to the point where I could fill a whole stadium with them like shown here. I tried actually in a Tacoma track I've never showed off here, but the transparency had that clipping error and looked awful. There is another code out there that can fix this though, I think some of the "official" ror tracks had it in in their material files (I was playing around with it a few weeks ago). Maxdman asked about it in the help section a few months ago too. That's my two cents, now I kinda want to make a replica track lol still prob won't
  22. Larry Quicks backflip machine for 1st quarter 👌
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