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  1. Is there a way to put the bodies of BeamNG trucks on Rigs of Rods trucks? I wanted to add some trucks that aren't in Rigs of Rods yet.
  2. The link doesn't work. Could you please update it?
  3. Nice profile picture! I love Failure!

  4. I've started a Google Drive folder for HQ upscales of monster truck photos, which makes it easier for people to find good reference picks, and it makes it a lot easier to get good logos off the trucks. Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EoAV7Q29Ei0lM-oljpQE73YfbUh5B_Qs?usp=sharing
    Amazing work! I could use a ride for XMT. I haven't been able to join yet, since most trucks that can be downloaded are already taken.
    Great work! The trucks look amazing, and they handle great! I've been waiting for a good version of Rockstar and California Kid, so thanks so much for uploading this. I can't wait to see what these trucks look like when they're finished!
  5. Seriously, can someone please make this? I would, but I'm don't know how to make trucks.
  6. I'm working on creating Ghost, but I could use a little help.
    This is an amazing truck, especially for a first truck! Would you like to work on a truck together?
  7. I edited the texture and followed the steps, but the texture won't show. Can you please help me?
  8. Sorry, I think I did this wrong. I'm gonna redo my sign-up. Name - The Fiend Truck - Nitemare Link - Backup Truck - Shocker Discord - Waluigi#5421
  9. Does that include Bad Boy Bigfoot? I have the body for Zane Rettew's version of Boogey Van (I edited a free model from Roblox). https://ufile.io/9dqvvc13
  10. Name: The Fiend Truck: Time Flys Truck Link: Backup Truck: Vendetta Discord: Waluigi#5421
  11. It looks even better than before! You hit another home run with this one!
    Finally, Vendetta is on Sim-Monsters! I was just looking for this truck yesterday! Also, it handles great!
  12. Could someone please make the logos for Sniper?
  13. Would anyone like to work on making a truck with me? I'm not able to model because Blender doesn't want to work right, but I can try to do some textures.
  14. Name: Toxic (Gold) Body: 2014 (Original Toxic) or 2020 Ford-F-250 (Toxic 2.0) (either is fine) Chassis: Patrick Enterprises (Original Toxic) or The Metal Shop (Toxic 2.0) (either is fine) Paint: Tires: Gold BKTs
  15. Nevermind, I found out how to fix it. I had to put the files in the V4 pack.
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