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  1. Logitech Driving Force GT Input Map

    Created using the ROR Input Mapping Tool (https://forum.rigsofrods.org/downloads.php?do=file&id=156)
    Feel free to customize, add, or remove some of the controls to fit your playstyle!
    - Left Pedal = Brake
    - Right Pedal = Accelerate
    Racing Wheel Essential:
    - Racing Wheel Itself = Front Wheel Steering
    - Left Trigger (on back of wheel) = Shift Down
    -Right Trigger (on back of wheel) = Shift Up
    Sequential Shift:
    - Hold up (-) = Left Rear Steer
    - Hold down (+) = Right Rear Steer
    Racing Wheel Cont:
    - Triangle = Reset Truck
    - Square = Toggle HUD On/Off
    - X = Change Camera
    - Circle = Toggle Truck Engine On/Off
    - Horn = Truck Ignition
    - L3 = Save Truck Position
    - R3 = Load Truck Position



  2. Xbox Controller Map

    Many people have requested this since my original upload no longer works, so here is my original Xbox 360 controller map for Rigs Of Rods. 



  3. ROR 0.4.6.

    The exe for ROR 0.4.6, more stable multiplayer when 4.5.
    You will need this in order to host private online servers: (drop it into the 0.4.6 folder located at c:/program files/rigs of rod 0.4.6)



  4. OgreMeshTool v1.3.1 (.exe installer)

    I think I understand why the folder version got taken down. I'm so dumb sometimes.
    Here's the .exe installer for OgreMeshTool v1.3.1. If you have any questions about this, PM me and I will get to you as soon as I can and help you the best I can.
    This is a tool that will let you view meshes, which is why it is such a great, useful, and important tool for content creators, and experimenters alike. If your mesh is textured with a material file and png's in the same folder, when you open your mesh, it will show up textured like it would in game. This pairs with MeshUpgrader and XMLConverter as the meshes you can open can be used in these programs, and vice versa. Sometimes the mesh will only show the spec or shine map if one is applied, but that will not change the fact it will show up correctly in game. If your mesh file is not textured or your textures are in another folder, your mesh will show up white. If your mesh file is in a zip with your textures and material file, your mesh will show up white. TO OPEN MESHES:
    Option 1:
    Open the OgreMeshTool program or shortcut you have installed to your computer. Click File, Load, and select your mesh. Option 2:
    Find a mesh file. Right-click and select Open with. Select OgreMeshTool, or if it does not come up, select Choose another program and find the program. Check the box next to "Always use this to open ____ files" and click Open. This will allow you to click on any mesh file and have it open with OgreMeshTool. This will not change how your mesh shows up texture wise. This is a very simple and user-friendly tool with features such as bounding boxes, a measuring grid, and wireframe. This is recommended to all content creators who do not have this as you can stop guessing and checking your meshes with Rigs of Rods.
    It took me forever to find this so I figured I'd spare everyone the constant searching.



  5. XBOX 360 map (With Laptop Map)

    the xbox 360 map with the keyboard map from the default ROR, with rear steer being A&D on keyboard.
    A: shut off truck
    B & X: rear steer
    left joystick: front steering
    Y: Respawn truck
    Right Trigger: gas
    Left Trigger: brake
    Right bumber: Auto-shift up
    Left bumber: Auto-shift down
    Start: start truck
    D-PAD: does nothing (that I know of)
    select: default rear camera/front cam (when your at a different angle using the default cam, example pushing numpads 6,4,2 or 8, or just zooming in on the truck and then pressing select).



  6. Rigs of Rods Toolkit

    Have seen many people not having this and not being able to make tracks because the don't have it. SO, here it is!
    Intructions to make it run (I did it this way):
    Unzip the file into a folder and name it whatever you want to Go to the folder and open the file that is called: "only_unzipped" A window will open for you to setup toolkit, set it up and it will run If you want to open it again, you open it using the "only_unzipped" file, but after you configurated it will go directly to the toolkit
    A tutorial showing the basics:



  7. Xbox360 & Xbox 1 Controller Map

    Almost like Mark Colineri's but I changed SOME of the controls in it. Enjoy!



  8. PS3/Xbox Controller input Map

    Hello every one. Recently, I have been doing a bit of fiddling with my input maps to make them the way I like them. This originally started with Mark Colineri's Xbox Controller input map, but I have added many more controls to it. Also, an important note I would like to add is that when I setup my controller with MotioninJoy, I select the Xbox 360 emulator mode, so you will probably have to do this to make this work. The Xbox One controller works with this and the 360 controller should work as well.
    -Accelerate- R2
    -Shift up- R1
    -Shift down-L1
    -Enter truck-Up on the D-pad
    -Hide GUI- Left on the D-pad
    -Toggle diff locking (I use cars as well so that's why I put this function in)- Right on the D-pad
    -Change camera view- Down on the D-pad
    -Steer left/right- Left joystick
    -Rotate camera up/down/left/right- Right joystick
    -Turn truck on/off- X
    -Commands 1 and 2 (Rear-steer)- Square and Circle
    -Repair truck- Triangle
    -Start truck- Start
    -Camera look-back- Select
    -Save Position 1- L3
    -Load position 1-R3
    -Character Forward/backward/left/right-Left joystick
    Character sprint- Triangle
    Character jump- X

    Another thing I would like to say is this map works in .37.126, .38.67, and .4.0.7. For.37 all you need to do is open up the rorconfig, go to controls, and then select import keymap and you can select the map from there. For .38 and .4, just go to your documents and open the Rigs of Rods .38 or .4 folder, go the the config folder, and just drag it in there. I'm not sure if you can have more than one input map in .38 (.4 you can) so save your keyboard input map elsewhere just in case you cannot have more than one input map or if you want to switch back. Thanks a lot and please enjoy!



  9. Logitech Presicion Gamepad Map

    D-PAD(LEFT/RIGHT) --- Move Front Steer
    BUTTON 1 --- Brake
    BUTTON 2 --- Accelerate
    BUTTON 3 --- Down Shift
    BUTTON 4 --- Up Shift
    BUTTON 5 --- Left Rear Steer
    BUTTON 6 --- Right Rear Steer
    BUTTON 9 --- Save Position 1
    BUTTON 10 - Load Position 1

    PS1 Style



  10. Laptop Input Map *Includes Marks Xbox Map*

    Perfect for Laptop users.



  11. Logitech MOMO Wheel Map

    Made this myself when I first got my wheel, thought I would upload it to help others. Now, to install this go into your RoRConfig>Controls>Import Keymap, and just import this keymap from wherever you saved it to.

    Have Fun!



  12. Blender 2.49 and Essentials

    This is original exe installer of Blender 2.49.

    This has ALL the scripts you will need for making mesh's and editing beams/nodes

    - OGRE Mesh Importer
    - OGRE Mesh Exporter
    - ROR Truck Editor (Nodes/Beams/Truck Files)




  13. Rigs of Rods 0.37.117 & 0.37.126

    MIRROR 1: Rigs of Rods 0.37.117 (ZIP Archive)
    MIRROR 2: Rigs of Rods 0.37.126 (EXE Installer)

    (Windows 64 bit) Install to C:\Program Files (x86)
    (Windows 32 bit) Install to C:\Program Files

    Rigs of Rods 0.37.117 INCLUDES NO CONTENT

    Any problems please let me know and I will add more links.

    0.37.126 was found on sourcefourge but I figured I would upload it to my mediafire so it doesn't disappear if something happens.
    0.37.117 is the exact version on my computer and includes no content. HUD by Fat-Alfie (I don't remember the exact files but they should be easily transferable to .126)



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