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    Fire Maxd

    nevermind, thought this was somthing else
    This has many issues, The node is way off compared to the chassis, I recommend import the node into blender, and fitting it to the mesh, The Chassis mesh has tons of missing or doubled faces, and is not edge split, I recommend following Kozak video on how to join it properly, The driveshafts, fourlinks and swaybars, are nowhere even close to lining up, you can line them up by fixing the node in blender, and moving the prop in the .truck The texture on the body looks very poor, and the bolt textures are the wrong texture all together, I would try redoing it, The steering knuckles are not appearing, assuming you forgot the mesh for them The interior looks very rushed and the cab lexan is very very far off, would take some more time with that There is no shine on any parts of the chassis, I would add some to make it look nicer, I would add shine to the rims aswell, as they seem to not be centered, making them wobble when driving, I would add some swaybar blocks, looks horrible without them Overall, Take some more time to fix some of these basic errors,
    Overall trucks are not bad, though there are a few things that seem like they could have easily been better, like the broken rim texture, poor edge split on the chassis, a few inverted faces, and more parts could use a shine to enhance the look,
  2. yes. rpms are 999999 don't tell anyone
  3. wrong section, you need to get admin permissions, and please, never ever type in size 48 font again.
  4. One is a Pro-line 50s Chevy, the other is a Jconcepts 49 ford.
  5. IIRC A Cohen chassis is around 12k, a CRD around 18-19K, PEI 15ish k, J&B 10k, but not certain on any of them, just for the chassis.
  6. 513 downloads

    Welp, Mr Tristan England (driver of earth shaker) Contacted me and requested a version of the BeamNG truck, Hang Ten in RoR, So here she is, Based on my previous GD34. Credits: rockgod88, Original GD34, assembling, node things, jedipresence (BeamNG), The sexy paint 4x4convoy(RoR), Beautiful pictures Kozak, the good ol CRD Also I'm experimenting with contact settings, so you should be able to contact this truck somewhat. STANDALONE, WORKS IN .3 or .4
    Overall not that bad of a truck, but as stated before supports clipping the hood are annoying, i would darken and add shine to the axles, maybe darken the chassis and swaybar links, seems to grey, I like the wiring and such, oh and the "muddy" bkts are ugly, no transition and no "mud" on the rest of the tires, oh an just noticed the flag node is flopping all over place, leading to worse handling, might wanna stiffen that up
    Pretty solid truck, though i do have a few suggestions, Maybe try to place the body on the chassis better, Try to line up the flare nodes better, maybe add some body support bars? (hood looks funny floating on qually), Line up the motor better (theres like a 6" gap between the motor plate and chassis plate), Probably not your fault, but the rims are off center making them look wobbly, A few of the meshes are missing faces (gauges, Rii) probably just my opinion, but i would have added more mud to the bkts, (after all there like a half inch tread so pretty unlikely only the tread would get dirty) another opinion, but maybe not have the flag mount on the fuel tank? EDIT, just noticed mud tire clip HEAVILY okok rant over, good truck
  7. rockgod88

    Nitemare II

    Really cool and original truck, love the 3 speed and narrowed axles, only thing i suggest is maybe a bit of shine on a coulpe parts, and maybe line up a couple props better,
  8. Version v5


    Well, here she is, Grave Digger 7 version 5, most detailed one to date, countless hours went into getting this 100%. Huge thonks to @TheBostonRag for pushing me to get this as accurate as possible! As-well as @billothepillow and Sonar118 for testing. Credits: Blaise: 90s Chassis, 00 Chassis, Body adjustments, Tire adjustments, Texture adjustments, Shock adjustments, 4link adjustments, NodeBeam, Axle adjustments, Sounds adjustments, MSD box Micah: 90s paint, Camel Paint, 96 paint, 2000 paint edits, Help build the chassis John Dough: Original Tire models Marty: Testing Fernando: Knuckle models, Tie rods models, Engine model, Radiator Model, Andrew: noticing an issue with the body (being fixed ATM) SM Community: Any other items I may have not listed Versions include: 1992-Debut version, ingame listed as 'Debut' under 7revamped.truck 1993-Camel version, ingame listed as 'Camel' under 7revamped.truck 1994-Flag version, ingame listed as 'Flag' under 7revamped.truck 1996-1996 beach version, ingame listed as '1996' under 7revamped.truck 1990s-Bodyless version, ingame listed as 'Bodyless' under 7revamped.truck 2000-Season version, ingame listed as 'Season' under 7revamped2000.truck 2000-World Finals version, ingame listed as 'World_Finals' under 7revamped2000.truck 2000-Bodyless version, ingame listed as 'Bodyless' under 7revamped2000.truck Just a note, The Season version had adjusted weight node, for the ability to perform a 'Power Wheelie' (.4 full throttle in neutral then shift to first) As stated above, May be getting an update with an improved body model, so keep your eyes peeled. STANDALONE, WORKS IN .3 or .4
  9. inb4 OmG aNoThEr GD Welp. Was in the truck making mood, and @TheBostonRag has been bugging me about redoing the 90s GD7 so in 17 days, we did just that, probably my most detailed truck to date, looking at hundreds of pictures to get this as close to a replica as my skills allow. While redoing the 90s version, I wanted to see how it would look with the 2000 paint just for fun, and that turned into building a new Chassis for it aswell, but without further to do, I present to you, Grave Digger 7 revamp number 5 Huge thanks to @TheBostonRag and @billothepillow for pushing me to get this done right, truck should be in downloads soon. (and yes the body is not perfect just yet)
  10. View File Blaise's MSD Box Been meaning to make this since 2017, did it tonight. Not based on a particular model, rather a couple combined https://p3d.in/61aSG https://p3d.in/JJwyI https://p3d.in/0mkBf Files include: The .blend Red PNG Black PNG Black and red PNG and .obj because why not Credits Blaise-Model, Texture Dawson-idea for black textures Is a 2.49 blend file, ALSO YOU NEED TO RESCALE IT Submitter rockgod88 Submitted 01/05/2019 Category Truck Building Items  
  11. uh uh made this thing https://p3d.in/61aSG https://p3d.in/JJwyI https://p3d.in/0mkBf
    I can see a number of issues just from the pictures, -The body is miles high -25 is not even a CRD -a bunch of faces on the Chassis are inverted/doubled -missing at least 3 texures on the body -body is not edge split and has a seam line in the hood -the engine block is untextured -sponsor plates are clipping into the chassis -non of the props are edge split -the seat should not be on the frame rail (should be lifted) -where is the middle lexan? -lexan on the rear of the cab clips badly -has nothing for an interior except a seat -node has no halo -flag has no support shocks (old mistake of myself) -could have used a drop down menu at least for the tires, rather than having 10 truck files -shocks clip heavily on the rear -paints are not that great -says 35 on the '34 paint' -transfercase is untextured -theres too many batteries and are untextured -Pretty minor, but has shaky node Overall, would not call this a Revamp, Could use more details (like an interior, 4link bolts), though it does handle ok, besides the flag.
  12. Welp, had this on the back burner for quite some time, Merry Christmas!
  13. 795 downloads

    Merry Xmas! started this long ago, might fully redo it again with more trucks and new props, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Credits: Blaise- Shock Edits, paint edits, body edits, Blender work, NB, some Textures, 4 links, shock edits, tire and rim edits Sheeeeeeeets-Original Body Micah-help here and there Original Hot Wheels 2006 Paint - Johan Semanario Original Bob and Tom Paint - Edy Beltran SM-Props
  14. Revamped GY15s, new model, new texture
  15. 477 downloads

    Saw this open, why not take the shot Credits Blaise- Assembling, Body edits, Chassis edits, Tire edits, Node Edits, Other edits Activision- That sick body and paint John Cookies- OG Tire model/Texture Kozerk- OG Chassis Fernando/ Original props IIRC, Motor, Rad, Fcell models Rest of SM- Rest of stuff I don't remember MY WRA RIDE
  16. Welp, WRA ride is just about wrapped up. Not a perfect replica, but I like how it came out. GD28 Chassis, and Red bits and bobs
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