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  1. i kind of meant reaching out to the channels solely post content on their own. Possibly having them shout us out in the videos or representing us in some way. I actually like the idea of creating a novice league with open entries. Im not sure how a price would work, as i've never really been behind that, but a brainstorming session may bring up good ideas.
  2. The sparkle and metallicy blue looks superb man. I'd like to get a look at it first hand but idk wwhere you're getting this "market" thing from . the site is free lol. its due to relocation of the shock mounts. They made new brackets to improve the track width and give that extra shock travel and stability whilst still being able to use PEI housings, as opposed to the Anderson's or Team Over Bored that achieve this with different axles and planetary arrangements.
  3. Anybody able to guess who these housing belong to? Showed up at my door step with no note 🤷‍♂️
  4. Believe it or not, YouTube is taking most of the eyes that were once attracted to the site. You see leagues, truck unveilings/teasers, music videos, etc.. Maybe open up a thread for videos or reach out to those that only post content on YT to "partner" up with Sim Monsters? Such as promoting the site on their videos, having their videos on the site, or something to that affect. A lot of trucks and tracks are found on YT channels but never make their way to the Downloads section for one reason or another. Is it possible to ask the YT channel to upload their content onto the site as a means of promoting their channel? Tutorials are lacking and i have been meaning to make some clear cut videos. If anyone can help me snag a good screen recorder (bc Bandicam is trash lol) that would be appreciated. just spit balling ideas here, so if you need calrification. lmk As far as what i want to see from the site, I would have to say that progression and unity are the biggest things. More creators. More diverse content.
  5. I'd probably start your critique with asking if he is makinig a replica or repli-custom. Your points are valid, but if its just a repli-custom you dont wanna waste your time
  6. Sheets made the body! i merely mapped it out 👍
  7. i like how this has been turning into a 'Show your FINISHED Projects for the first time' thread.
  8. is that one hacked too
  9. These would probably be funny to me if i understood why people like trash memes
  10. just a concern, Is there any concern that current members who use Discord will migrate to the channels to post projects/topics/etc. and take the attention away from the actual site?
  11. I can definitely appreciate what you've done here and the attention to detail you've added. I would like to stress 1 thing. Try to use as little textures as possible/ try to group multiple components together on one texture file. For example, you have a headers.png and a header2.png for different shines. They couldv'e easily been made into 1 texture and saved that much more fps. Sizing down textures to the minimum also helps. After only spawning 2 of the trucks, i was at 15fps and I can usually have about 10 or so HQ trucks in-game at once befofre experiencing lag.
  12. forgot the blue 'Sim-Monsters.com' logo on the body panels 😉 Also real criticism here, I would definitely work on your spec textures. Not everything is SUPER shiner (ex. planetary hubs, chassis, rim bolts, etc) And also be sure to edge split when needed. A couple of your body mounts and Extinguisher mounts look bubbly.
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