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  1. fernBurn

    Jester 2020

    Wheelbase is too long for this truck. the back end squats for some odd reason and your front sway arms are inside of your chassis. Repaint is fine, altho i believe the blue is supposed to have more of a metallic shine. p.s. take the time to credit as many content creators you can for the components you used on your trucks. Its very much appreciated.
    I'll be the first to point out, this truck handles insanely great. A blast to drive and really nice touch with more of the truck being contactable. SM and certain other updated graphics are good. I will say tho, there are a one thing missing and a few incorrect. Missing: In-cab leg safety guards i believe made from steel tubing. Incorrect: wrong style RII lights, Planetary covers, black backed sponsor plate, sway bar arms, wrong shock models, ran normal Roman Numerals, grey tie rod just to name the more immediate errors. To add: some more time put in, and we would've had a better outcome. The stuff i noted are pretty easy and quick fixes, so a bit disappointing they weren't included already. I'd say the saving grace for this truck was definitely the handling, shock, & N/B work. So fun to drive which is what we're all here for to begin with. You're one of our top content creators and i believe this truck, at least cosmetically, doesn't show that. Good job tho nonetheless...
  2. aaaand JUST when i wanted to tell you what a great job you've been doing on trucks... lol nice work man. That race stripe version looks sic. Looking forward to more
  3. How were you able to export through 2.79b? Everytime i try to export, it doesnt spit out the usualy .mesh & .material. Thats really the only thing that turned me off from using the newer version.
    The wheelbase is just waaaaaaayyyyy too long to look past. I understand if you weren't going for "perfection"with tiny details, but the wheel base on your truck should at least be close to the irl version. Ride Height was a bit low as well. Some of it amplified by the wheelbase. Other than that, its an average truck. Not a bad truck at all, but some more time invested would've really helped out. Original: Edited: Just a quick wheelbase shorten to the n/b and shortening the body, scaled it a lot closer to the real thing. Future Reference!
  4. For starters, i applaud you for actually hand painting instead of using a low quality photo texture. Good Job. I would definitely advise you to take another look at the body. theres a lot of nice detail in the highlights/shadows that you're missing out on or didnt put full effort into. Overall, take your time. Try some new techniques. Never rush. The end result will be so much better. i actually have some really good reference shots of the ice paint. Just shoot me your discord and ill send them over!
  5. *cough* use the wheels from Hooked *cough*
  6. Not sure you've heard of it around your neck of the woods lol. Definitely the oldest.
  7. More progress on this bad boy. Next thing to do is hook up the drive line. big tires still on their way! Shooting for this to be my best and most accurate truck to date! (a lot of new props coming soon after the release of this truck!)
  8. http://sim-monsters.com/files/category/14-truck-building-items/
  9. this is the content i expect to see in SYP. I think the front fenders can be a little wider. they look a bit thin. The body looks too squared, its a lot more round than what you have. I'd also recommend splitting the body into two piece to make it easier to work on as well as the real body being 2 pieces. Hood and Body (sorry for the bad photos. not a lot of photos of this truck surprisingly)
  10. Next time you upload content, make sure to do research on who made the parts that made it possible for you to make this truck. "i may forgotten people my bad" comes off disrespectful to those who put the time in to help build your truck.
  11. i kind of meant reaching out to the channels solely post content on their own. Possibly having them shout us out in the videos or representing us in some way. I actually like the idea of creating a novice league with open entries. Im not sure how a price would work, as i've never really been behind that, but a brainstorming session may bring up good ideas.
  12. The sparkle and metallicy blue looks superb man. I'd like to get a look at it first hand but idk wwhere you're getting this "market" thing from . the site is free lol. its due to relocation of the shock mounts. They made new brackets to improve the track width and give that extra shock travel and stability whilst still being able to use PEI housings, as opposed to the Anderson's or Team Over Bored that achieve this with different axles and planetary arrangements.
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