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  1. is that one hacked too
  2. These would probably be funny to me if i understood why people like trash memes
  3. just a concern, Is there any concern that current members who use Discord will migrate to the channels to post projects/topics/etc. and take the attention away from the actual site?
  4. I can definitely appreciate what you've done here and the attention to detail you've added. I would like to stress 1 thing. Try to use as little textures as possible/ try to group multiple components together on one texture file. For example, you have a headers.png and a header2.png for different shines. They couldv'e easily been made into 1 texture and saved that much more fps. Sizing down textures to the minimum also helps. After only spawning 2 of the trucks, i was at 15fps and I can usually have about 10 or so HQ trucks in-game at once befofre experiencing lag.
  5. forgot the blue 'Sim-Monsters.com' logo on the body panels 😉 Also real criticism here, I would definitely work on your spec textures. Not everything is SUPER shiner (ex. planetary hubs, chassis, rim bolts, etc) And also be sure to edge split when needed. A couple of your body mounts and Extinguisher mounts look bubbly.
  6. Again, I would recommend the rims that were used on Hooked 2018, and re-textured a lighter silver. A lot of old school and current indies, run those guys. pretty universal.
  7. I would recommend using ROR .4.6. over the newest version .4.7. The latest version has a tad less realism and the throttle sticks at random moments which will drive you crazy. Here's the link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/7rjir4dv5b75h0a/Rigs-of-Rods-0.4.6.exe Also, please be sure to download ONLY .4 tracks, as those will only work with your version. Trucks are more forgiving and usually work on any version you use, so feel free to browse around and choose whatever catches your eye.
  8. you remember what league it was ran in?
  9. I'll place a bet that says Ol' Mikey Vaters brought you over lol. Welcome to the site! As far as your truck goes, i remember doing a fairly accurate replica of Bad Habit during the partnership with 2Xtreme. Any idea where that went? @Dank Sinatra
  10. Wow, i love u for those top two. For the modern day MP, the bodies have a matte finish. I would also lighten up both blacks on the rims and body. No beadlocks on the green rims, but i'd recommend using the ones off of Hooked 2018. aaaaand i'd probably snag the shocks off of Barbarian 2015 and paint them black. Those look to be the closest to the real thing. All in all....Im glad youre on winter break.
  11. fernBurn

    Font List

    anyone for Big Kahuna?
  12. Not sure i'd agree with best arena freestyle. It was just a lot of risky driving that gave him lucky rolls. No offense to him, but i bet there are other technically sound runs that could beat his run out
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