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  1. not sure how much you guys are gonna get into , but just a friendly reminder that the Kraken logo neear the window is raised out some.
  2. these are all good things.... i think i might cry
  3. can i try updating wildflower

  4. another translation is when the truck is clearly rolled over and their run is over, but they use the rear wheels in unison with the front, to pull the truck back up from its resting position.
  5. fernBurn

    Tampa 2007

    this is actually a really fun track to scoot around on! nice job man
    dude....great freaking job on this one. down to the details you made this truck shine. Very impressive work, & definitely a truck that was fit for a revamp! for future projects, i suggest to brighten up your black objects just slightly. (for example, working in paint.net, the "lightness" of your black should be set to at least 10.) This should help bring out more details in the chassis or in the sway bar arms on this particular truck.
  6. 1. Body was modeled by Andrew Sheets 2. Paint was also made by Andrew Sheets. (You just added Justin's name) 3. Tires were modeled by Andrew Sheets as well. (At least from what i can tell.) 4. "SM Community" is not giving proper credit. Do your research and properly give credit where it is deserved.
  7. fernBurn

    Buffalo Tremor II

    super fun to drive
  8. the Paint Bucket tool is strong with that one.
  9. where does that engine sit, chad
  10. was fun! i forgot what it was like to just have fun and not have pressures of a points series. truly a FUN....run
  11. Driver Name: Fernando Martinez Truck Link: Discord Name: fernBurn#8146
  12. fernBurn

    Jester WFXX

    Wheelbase is too long for this truck. the back end squats for some odd reason and your front sway arms are inside of your chassis. Repaint is fine, altho i believe the blue is supposed to have more of a metallic shine. p.s. take the time to credit as many content creators you can for the components you used on your trucks. Its very much appreciated.
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