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MTM World Finals 1 - Sunday, August 8th, 2021: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Vincent Akard

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The wait is finally over.. 10 stops.. 3 Series Champions.. 1 Event left.... MTM World Finals 1 is here and will be Live Streamed! Once again congratulations to the series champions.. @Tylinater stayed consistent all season long in all of the tight arena floors and edged out Brandon Adam by a whole 7 points to take the Toughest Monster Truck Tour points championship and make himself the first MTM World Finals qualifier. @Adrian Cooperstunned the competition on the Malicious Monster Truck Tour and proved himself to be a threat in Sim-Monsters competition. Adrian had some of the biggest upsets of the season, taking out mostly all of the big names in racing and freestyle, which led to him being crowned the Malicious Monster Truck Tour series champion. Our final series champion represented Monster Truck Throwdown.. It was none other than @Chris Bpiloting Wild Side. Chris faced names such as Mark Colineri, Blake Thompson and Trevor Amos but Chris stood his ground and won the first 2 racing competitions as well as doubling down at Bridgeport. Chris however couldn't win the points championship without a clutch assist from Max Halpert who filled in at the season finale.

Well the stage is set.. The biggest field of trucks.. The biggest names all competing August 8th.. These drivers will compete for 3 titles as well as the "Best Independent Promotion". The Best Trick Competition will consist of 1 hit for each driver, the driver can do whatever they want, however if it is somewhat realistic it will score better! The Racing Competition is going to be absolutely insane! This track will guide drivers through a massive course, through a series of surrounding white lines. If drivers allow 2 tires to cross the surrounding white lines that guide them through the course, they will receive a 5 second penalty. Drivers must also get all front 2 tires up the WHOLE ramp for each jump. Hacksteering is banned, you also may not neutral bomb. Now lets go over the Freestyle Competition Freestyle will have a 2 minute time limit as always. Realism rules are changing a bit from Best Trick. This means no mid air backflips, front flips, corkscrews. Those are the moves prohibited from freestyle. Realism will go a long way in scores! Now that you have learned all about World Finals, it is time to meet our field of 16 trucks and drivers. Subject To Change


@Tylinater - Bigfoot

@Brandon Adam- Snakebite

@Bonky Bob- Vendetta

@SethHolloway1- Buckshot

@Chris B- Wildside

@1998 toyota corolla- Bad Company

@Mark Colineri- Avenger

@TheOnlyTjrich- Rage (WF Edition)

@Adrian Cooper- Reverse Racer 

@Double.D ッ - High Voltage

@Blake Thompson- Rockstar (WF Edition)

@Austin Dahlgren- Jurassic Attack

@RORmadness- Black Pearl (WF Edition)

@KakeMagnus- Rockwell R.E.D

@DannyMackey- Titan

@Jack Merkle- Quad Chaos

Please DM me if you cannot show up or if you have any questions!





Event Times and Information:


  • Opens 7/29/2021 @ 5:00 EST
  • Closes @ 8/7/2021 @ 8:00 EST
  • Qualifying will determine the bracket and lane choice throughout racing. 
  • 1 pass in each lane


  • Drivers Meeting is a MUST! No shows will be replaced
  • Drivers Meeting begins at 6:30 EST August 8th
  • Racing begins at 7:05 EST 
  • Driver Check In: day of event before qualifying
  • This event will be livestreamed on the VAFilms Youtube Channel.
  • Freestyle will begin 5 minutes after Racing
  • IMPORTANT: Since we are using the in-game RII system, make sure Arcade Controls are turned off in settings. (This means you will have to shift manually)


Please make sure you have read through the rulebook and take a look at these important links!

Rulebook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16ZlsF-3lygKJCRbqTy1BLMzhmumtkwvucYUwwRywwJ0/edit

Spreadsheet (includes Qualifying stats and Event stats): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ThthdzyL_IlXrjpzOejkXb-aSAJKZzXp4lxYHOvVyrc/edit#gid=1271767946

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDP1-hvjvRi9YRlGrctGoCw


Qualifying: Mark Colineri (Avenger)

Best Trick Competition: Tyler Richmond (Rage)

Racing: Mark Colineri (Avenger)

Freestyle: Blake Thompson (Rockstar)

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