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  • Mohawk Warrior 2015 By fernBurn

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    It is.


    Paint - Edy
    Tires, Body, Batteries - Klayton
    Rims - Johan
    Mohawk Revisions - Sheets
    Mohawk - Me
    if i forgot you, please message me so i can put you in. gracias
  • Overkill Evolution By DanDon

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    After about two months of very hard work, I can proudly say that Overkill Evolution is now released! This is probably my best work in Rigs of Rods to date, and I couldn't have done it without a great team of people behind me! Enough said, let's get to the credits so these people can get the recognition they deserve!

    Building Team:
    Daniel Donnelly (DanDon)
    Mark Colineri (Mark Colineri)
    Nicholas Kozak (Outlawed)
    John Dough (John Dough)
    Johan Seminario (acdcfan56)
    Matt Wilkinson (SealedGecko)
    Edy Beltran (Coconutmen)

    Body Model/Graphics - John Dough, acdcfan56
    Chassis Model - Outlawed
    Chassis Construction - DanDon, Mark Colineri
    Chassis Texturing - Mark Colineri
    Engine Model/Textures - SealedGecko, RockCrwlr, Mark Colineri
    Transmission Model/Textures - acdcfan56
    Transfer Case/Output Shafts Model/Texture - crazyman444 (modified by DanDon)
    Lexan/Diamond Plate Models - DanDon (textured by Mark Colineri)
    Pedals Model/Textures - acdcfan56
    Shocks Model/Textures - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers (modified by DanDon), Coconutmen
    Tire Model/Texture - RockCrwlr
    Rim Model/Texture - acdcfan56 (modified by Wambo, DanDon), Wambo
    4-Link Bar, Steering Ram, Tie Rod, Driveshaft Model/Textures/Placement - DanDon
    Axle Housing Model/Texture - crazyman444 (about 80% modified by DanDon), DanDon
    Rear Steer Motor Model - DanDon
    Coil Model/Texture - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers, Coconutmen
    Battery Model/Texture - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers
    Shock Placement - DanDon, SealedGecko
    Suspension Set-Up - DanDon

    If I forgot anyone or anything, I do apologize and let me know through a private message and I will be sure to update the list of credits!

    Another big thanks to everyone involved and I hope everyone on the Sim-Monsters community enjoys this awesome truck!
  • Oakland 2013 By RockCrwlr

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    So yea here's Oakland. Went through hell to make the stadium. Racing is a bit hard since the turn cars are a bit close to the edges of the'll see what I mean. Anyays have fun!

    Credits: Me, Google, Liquidfire, Danny Mackey, Hot Shoe (Light bulb, crowd [edited by me]).
  • Avenger World Finals XV By Aces98

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    After a lot of long hard hours, Awesome Kong 13 and I proudly announce the release of WF15 Avenger .

    Aces98: Body texture (made from scratch), Body Lexan, Visor, Shock textures, shock adjustments, and helping Kong with prop placement
    AwesomeKong13: All chassis construction, prop placement, Rim adjustments, Chassis texturing, Chassis lexan.
    JonCannon: Managed Materials
    Beta Testers: Taurus Racer 13, steial, Hagan James
    RockCrwlr : Tires