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  • Heavy Hitter & River Rat 2015 By acdcfan56

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    Fun project, got together with devin, and also made river rat to go along with it!

    Hope you guys enjoy! My best trucks so far.

    NEED Beau4x4's Sound Pack http://sim-monsters....4x4s-soundpack/


    Credits Heavy Hitter-
    Tires- John Dough
    Andrew Sheets- Body
    Micheal Murray- Shock Settings, Radiator, Air Cooler
    Nicholas Kozak- Chassis/Headers
    Wambo- Engine
    Myself- Paint, Everything else

    Credits River Rat-
    Tires- John Dough
    Devin Doss- Paint
    Mark Colineri- Body
    Micheal Murray- Shock Settings, Radiator, Air Cooler
    Nicholas Kozak- Chassis/Headers
    Wambo- Engine
    Myself- Everything else
  • Awesome Kong II By DiggerFan

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    This is a replica of the Awesome Kong II monster truck, as driven by Jeff Dane in the mid-1980s.
    -This is a standalone add-on. It does not need to be extracted into the V4 pack to work.
    -This vehicle has been tested to work with versions 0.37, 0.38, and 0.39.
    -This vehicle has several additional features, as listed below
    -Headlights/Taillights - Press N to turn the lights on or off.
    -Rollbar Lights - Press Ctrl+1 to turn the rollbar lights on or off.
    -Hydraulic Tilt Bed - Hold F3 to raise the rear bed. Hold F4 to lower the bed.
    -Pulling Hitch - Use the mouse to drag the chain on the pulling sled to the hitch on the truck. Press L to lock the chain to the hitch. Press L again to unlock the hitch.
    Body - DiggerFan
    Frame - DiggerFan
    Tires - RockCrwlr, modified by DiggerFan
    Rims - DiggerFan
    Axles - DiggerFan
    Engine - DiggerFan
    Transfer Case - DiggerFan
    Shocks - DiggerFan
    Rollbar - DiggerFan
    Bumper - DiggerFan
    Driveshafts - DiggerFan
    Radiator - Crazyman444
    Steering Knuckles - V4 Pack, modified by DiggerFan
    Leaf Springs - DiggerFan
    Allison V12 Engine Sounds - Beau4x4
    Leaf spring node-beam by Outlawed (based on Box5diesel's). Tilt bed modifications by DiggerFan
    If I forgot anyone, please notify me as soon as possible.
  • Working Class 4 By Mark Colineri

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    It is gearing up for a new year of competition, so that means it is time for a change. I was not very pleased with the performance of Working Class 3, so the team and I went back and started from scratch. There are a lot of things we are trying on this truck in attempt to improve handling and overall performance. This is the best looking and most unique Working Class to date!
    Body/Paint/Chassis Editing/Shocks - Me
    Rims/Axles/Knuckles/Sway Bars/Drive Shaft - Klayton
    Driver - Wambo
    RII Box/Shifter - DanDon
    Switch Plate/Steering Shaft - Zach Steele
    Base Chassis - Kozak
    Tires - John Dough
    Everything Else - V4 Pack Makers
  • Midnight Rider By fernBurn

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    fun project. enjoy.
    Body - Me
    Paint- Me
    Chassis - Kozak
    Engine- Wambo
    Engine- SealedGecko
    Shocks- Mark Colineri
    Tires, John Dough
    Rims- Johan
    Everything else - Content makers
    If you didn't see your name and want credit, let me know. gracias