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  • Syracuse 2017 By maxdman

    • 2,253
    • 8
    Made slight changes to my previous stadium model I made back in 2015, and used the same old textures but they're still up to date. Credits: Me Klayton Hotshoe Malibu monsterjam16' If I forgot anyone let me know and I'll add you to the credits.  If anyone has an issue with the track let me know below or PM me and I'll do my best to fix it. This track is .3 and .4 compatible
  • Tacoma 2017 By Chris B

    • 1,522
    • 9
    So this is finally done, yay! Creds Me Maxdman Klayton Edy Track works on all versions, if it doesn't oh well
  • 2017 Bigfoot RepliCustom pack By Swegliner849

    Moar bigfoots yey Credits: Me - Paints and cloning Kozak - chassis/nb Andrew - body  Everything else - sm community
  • Bigfoot 14 pack By rockgod88

    Mini Bigfoot pack.   Creditz @rockgod88 Blender, NB, New textures, Cloning, Paint edits, Research and development, ect, ect  Jack Merkle-Chromalusion paint Gd fan Original Chassis mesh SM Community Rest of things I don't know   Standalone, .4 compatible also