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  • Avenger 2017 & Avenger World Finals 18 (S10) By Swegliner849

    After uploading this im taking a break from content making (ill still be online here), the reason is that i want to concentrate more in school, making all this trucks distracted me and i really want to improve myself so i guess this is the best choice. The school year ends in december so ill be back at making stuff there, enjoy the avengers... Credits: Me SDTV33 Fern Kozak John Dough Harlow Sm community
  • St. Louis, MO 1999 USHRA Monster Jam World Finals By DiggerFan

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    This is a replica of the 1999 USHRA Monster Jam World Finals event, held on April 3 at the Trans World Dome (now The Dome at America's Center), in St. Louis, MO. This zip includes 3 versions of the track: Racing, and two versions of Freestyle (one with solid junk car props, and one with crushable junk cars). The lineup for this event included:
    -Avenger (Jim Koehler)
    -Bear Foot (Brian Womack)
    -Bulldozer (Tom Meents)
    -Bustin' Loose (Ron Nelson)
    -Carolina Crusher (Gary Porter)
    -Cyborg (Jack Koberna)
    -Equalizer (David Morris)
    -Executioner (Mark Hall)
    -Grave Digger #12 (Dennis Anderson)
    -Gun Slinger (Scott Hartsock)
    -King Krunch (Scott Stephens)
    -Little Tiger (Brian Barthel)
    -Monster Patrol (Paul Shafer)
    -Mountaineer (Robbie Gray)
    -Reptoid (Jim Jack)
    -Samson (Dan Patrick)   Credits: Stadium Model - DiggerFan
    Junk Cars - Casey Graves
    Crushable Junk Cars - DiggerFan
    Ramps/Obstacles - DiggerFan
    Signs/Banners - DiggerFan
    Poles - DiggerFan
    Trees - DiggerFan Dirt Textures - RockCrwlr, chalk lines by DiggerFan
    Tarp Textures - Casey Graves, recoloured by DiggerFan
    Crowd Textures - RockCrwlr
    Press Box Textures - RockCrwlr
    Roof Texture - Casey Graves, recoloured by DiggerFan
    Stair Textures - RockCrwlr
    LED Lightboard Texture - RockCrwlr, modified by DiggerFan Also, thanks to Mark Iron, mdemko, and Roach for testing this track. If I forgot anyone, please notify me as soon as possible.   Notes: -If the crushable junk cars are non-collidable in-game, make sure that you don't have "Disable inter-vehicle collisions" selected in the "Advanced" tab of the RoR config.
  • Tampa 2002 By Chris B

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    Just wanted to make a 2002 track, ended up revamping Raymond James Stadium. What cha gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Track includes racing, freestyle, and a custom freestyle.   Note: Now, this track has a ton of verts and textures. However, 90% of them are non collidable and have no effect on the truck. That being said, you should not get lag. I have tested the track running a 2012 stock Toshiba laptop, and was able to still get smooth fps (50-60) throughout (don't worry I just got a new computer tho ). Also, the track might a few seconds longer than others to load up in game. Don't worry, this is just due to the amount of textures the game has to render. Once loaded, the track should run perfectly smooth. Just wanted to put that in there because I've had 3 tracks now where people have reported lag that did not occur when I tested them.   Credits: @RockCrwlr @maxdman @Mark Colineri @Tom Deents (banners) Bobamatic0, Dalton Hastings, MonsterMania.com, Wayback Machine- Reference videos/pics (da real mvps) Myself (Pirate ship modeling and texturing, skull dude modeling and texturing, TV board edits, bracket board, neon glow signs, wall banners, some floor banners, etc) (Just listed everything I made in case you wanna use them) (PM me for the updated model) Prob forgot people, let me know if I did.   WORKS WITH .37, .38, .39, .4.5, .4.6 (Tested with .38 and .4.6)    
  • Overkill Evolution By dd07205

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    After about two months of very hard work, I can proudly say that Overkill Evolution is now released! This is probably my best work in Rigs of Rods to date, and I couldn't have done it without a great team of people behind me! Enough said, let's get to the credits so these people can get the recognition they deserve! Building Team: Daniel Donnelly (DanDon) Mark Colineri (Mark Colineri) Nicholas Kozak (Outlawed) John Dough (John Dough) Johan Seminario (acdcfan56) Matt Wilkinson (SealedGecko) Edy Beltran (Coconutmen) Credits: Body Model/Graphics - John Dough, acdcfan56 Chassis Model - Outlawed Chassis Construction - DanDon, Mark Colineri Chassis Texturing - Mark Colineri Engine Model/Textures - SealedGecko, RockCrwlr, Mark Colineri Transmission Model/Textures - acdcfan56 Transfer Case/Output Shafts Model/Texture - crazyman444 (modified by DanDon) Lexan/Diamond Plate Models - DanDon (textured by Mark Colineri) Pedals Model/Textures - acdcfan56 Shocks Model/Textures - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers (modified by DanDon), Coconutmen Tire Model/Texture - RockCrwlr Rim Model/Texture - acdcfan56 (modified by Wambo, DanDon), Wambo 4-Link Bar, Steering Ram, Tie Rod, Driveshaft Model/Textures/Placement - DanDon Axle Housing Model/Texture - crazyman444 (about 80% modified by DanDon), DanDon Rear Steer Motor Model - DanDon Coil Model/Texture - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers, Coconutmen Battery Model/Texture - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers Shock Placement - DanDon, SealedGecko Suspension Set-Up - DanDon If I forgot anyone or anything, I do apologize and let me know through a private message and I will be sure to update the list of credits! Another big thanks to everyone involved and I hope everyone on the Sim-Monsters community enjoys this awesome truck!