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  • Avenger World Finals XV By Aces98

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    After a lot of long hard hours, Awesome Kong 13 and I proudly announce the release of WF15 Avenger . Aces98: Body texture (made from scratch), Body Lexan, Visor, Shock textures, shock adjustments, and helping Kong with prop placement AwesomeKong13: All chassis construction, prop placement, Rim adjustments, Chassis texturing, Chassis lexan. JonCannon: Managed Materials Beta Testers: Taurus Racer 13, steial, Hagan James RockCrwlr : Tires
  • Anaheim 2014 (Show 2) By Thargo

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    • 11
    Might as well release this since SSRS is on halt. This track was ran in real life on January 25, 2014. It was also the track Northern Nightmare did this save on. If you would like the stop/go lights to glow, make sure you have the "glow" box checked in the graphics panel of your ROR configurator (**Warning: May Result in an FPS drop**). CREDITS Me jjasper123 (Stadium) RockCrwlr Toz (Monster Energy Logo) Chefscookn (Monster Energy Text) Google Danny Mackey Coconutmen Gabe2304
  • Avenger Revamped By Aces98

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    • 16
    Well, after the release of WF15 Avenger, Awesome Kong 13 and I decided to use all of the new parts we used for WF15 Avenger on the old avenger. Aces98: Body exporting, lexan, sponsor panel, prop placement, shock set ups. Awesome Kong 13: Chassis construction, rims, Cradle repairs, shock models. and who ever made all the parts we used. It will be called Avenger_Race or Avenger_FS in game. I made two shock setups
  • Monster Energy 2015 By John Dough

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    After one year and two months, it's finally done! Debuting in 2012 as Damon Bradshaw's replacement ride for Air Force Afterburner, Monster Energy has consistently been one of the top performing Monster Jam ® Trucks on the circuit. In addition to Damon's truck, Coty Saucier's Monster Energy is also included as well as the Ford F150 version that he ran at Monster Jam World Finals XVI in 2015. A lot of work went into these, so I hope you all enjoy! Credit: Paint - Me Body - Klayton Chassis - Kozak Chassis Component Assembly - Me Rims - Johan Rim Texturing - Fern Testing - Fern, Marcus Santana, Tom P., and many others Tires - Me Chassis Components - Various SM content creators