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  • Myrtle Beach Speedway - 1990 By Hot Shoe

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    In 1990 the monsters of the TNT Monster Truck Series came to do battle at the Myrtle Beach Speedway in Myrtle Beach SC. As was the case for many race tracks that the monsters raced at, the biggest concern was having little room on each side of truck as the drivers wrestled their machines down the alley in an attempt to avoid an altercation with the barriers. One such truck unfortunately had a meeting with more than just the barriers. At the end of his run, Steve Cain in “King Kong III” suffered breakage to a sway bar which shot him towards the left hand barrier of the track. Hopping over the barrier on two wheels, the truck smashed through and toppled the track's 76 sign, settled down on all fours for a few moments before veering to the left once more. At the climax of this already wild ride, Steve Cain and “King Kong III” rolled over, landing on top of and destroying two brand new county patrol cars, with the truck momentarily bursting into flames. Within moments of the truck coming to a stop, Steve Cain removed himself from the truck, and walked away from one of the most iconic spectacles in monster truck crashes. This is the site of that spectacular wreck. The RoR re-creation of Myrtle Beach Speedway, 1990. ***NOTES*** MIRROR 1 is the FULL DETAIL version of the track. MIRROR 2 is the LOW DETAIL version of the track. This track not only has the replicated, straight line event as seen on the TNN Trucks and Tractor Power Broadcast, but also a custom, “roundy-round” racing layout. The tracks have been titled as follows. Full detail versions: DAY-Myrtle Beach 1990-REPLICA DAY-Myrtle Beach 1990-CUSTOM NIGHT-Myrtle Beach 1990-REPLICA NIGHT-Myrtle Beach 1990-CUSTOM LOW LAG versions: DAY-Myrtle Beach 1990-REPLICA-LOWLAG DAY-Myrtle Beach 1990-CUSTOM-LOWLAG NIGHT-Myrtle Beach 1990-REPLICA-LOWLAG NIGHT-Myrtle Beach 1990-CUSTOM-LOWLAG To easily find these tracks in the Terrain Loader, simply type “MY”in the search bar. The on track props (signs, light poles, stands, barriers, 76 sign, fencing, poles, Christmas Trees, etc.) have been set with no-collide properties. On the LOW LAG version of the track, the fencing has been removed in order to reduce lag. For fun, the Truck Shop is in place for you to swap between your favorite trucks anytime you like. Credits: Track: Built by Me. Grass textures are by Me. Dirt Textures are by RockCrwlr. Track surface textures are from Google and edited by Me. White lines painted by Me. Fencing: Built by Me. Textures are from Google and edited by Me. Light poles: Built by Me. Textures are from Google and edited by Me. Light bulb textures are from Google and edited by me. Light flare texture is from RockCrwlr. Stands/press boxes: Built by Me. Crowd, stairs, press box siding and windows are from RockCrwlr. Press box Roof, concrete, and support textures are from Google and edited by Me. Cars: Slickster edited by Me. Ford Aerostar Van, Chevy Silverado, Ford Thunderbird: Built by me. Textures are from Google and edited by Me. Light bars: Me. Textures are from Gabester. Walls/barriers/armco: Built by Me. Textures are from Google and edited by Me. Wooden poles: Me. Textures are from Google and edited by Me. TNT Motorsports Logo: Supplied by Michael DesRoches and edited by Me. Renegades/Renegades The Taste a Pouch Can’t Tame/Redman/Motorola Radius/Winston Racing Series banners, and signs: Me. McDonalds/Budweiser/Plano/Bobcat/Carquest/Hooker Headers/Jegs/O'Reilly Auto Parts/K&N Filters/Chevrolet/The Heartbeat of America/Coca Cola/Nascar logos: Google edited by Me. Safety hold texture: Casey Graves edited by me. Christmas Tree: Built by Me. Light bulb textures are from Google and edited by me. Red and White Tires: Me. Textures: Gabester edited by Me. Tire sidewall is from Google edited by Me. Cones: Built by Me. Textures by Me. Beta testers: John Brown (DiggerFan) Chadwick Deerfoot (DirtyDawg) Daniel Donnelly (DanDon) Special thanks to John Brown (DiggerFan) for teaching me a method to add "collision boxes" to the armco barriers. Thank you, sir! Enjoy!
  • V4 Leafer Pack#1 By Taurus Racer 13

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    Here is the new Leafer Pack # 1 There are some new changes- King Kong III and Sudden Impact have been completely rebuilt from scratch .Most all trucks have a had a tire change , all trucks now have a quick shift automatic transmission with a little more top end , and there are some paint touch ups. Make shore you download Leafer Pack # 2 and please VOTE thanks. i also added mini's .In order for them to work you need to take out all your old leafer pack truck files, then start the game with no leafers in your Game or vehicles folder then exit game then install your new pack then the mini's should work. Now with Better handling with less bounce and better control Add to V4 to work Credits Chassis-Outlawed Basic chassis setup-Awesome Kong !3 , All construction_me(Southern sunshine,Excaliber and Taurus1 built buy Awesome kong 13) All paint-me except Grave diggers ,Stomper,and Bigfoot (Skoal Bandits Painted by awesome kong 13) All body mods and scaling me Maddog II body- RKM King Krunch III Body-John Dough Aces High body-Andrew Sheets Getting Bigfoot 5 lined out and Aces High Rims -Dan Don Most of all all thanks to Outlawed for the Leafer test Chassis and the v4 pack crew for the parts and props if i left any body out im very sorry.
  • 2015 Titan By John Dough

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    This is the other truck that is basically the MVP of Monster Jam. Be careful tho. Credits: Me - Paint, Tires, Body Modifications Kozak - Chassis Johan - Rims SM Staff - Everything else
  • Avenger Revamped By Aces98

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    Well, after the release of WF15 Avenger, Awesome Kong 13 and I decided to use all of the new parts we used for WF15 Avenger on the old avenger. Aces98: Body exporting, lexan, sponsor panel, prop placement, shock set ups. Awesome Kong 13: Chassis construction, rims, Cradle repairs, shock models. and who ever made all the parts we used. It will be called Avenger_Race or Avenger_FS in game. I made two shock setups