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RORMJL World Finals 5

Vegas Golden Knights

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Season 5 comes to a close as we have done 28 events, crowned 4 Series Champions and now the best 23 drivers have qualified for World Finals 5. 8 of the best Rising Stars will compete for the 24th spot in World Finals. The show is going to be action-packed and you won't want to miss it! Here are the event times and lineups for each competition.

August 28th - Qualifying - 7:00EST
August 29th - Rising Star Showcase, Two Wheel Skills, Racing - 7:00EST
August 30th - High Jump, Freestyle - 7:00EST


Main Field
Over Bored @Blake Thompson
Black Pearl @Adrian Cooper
Bakugan Dragonoid @NoThanksIz
BroDozer @Nick Worthmen
Grave Digger @Bonky Bob
Scooby-Doo! @Papa Spoingus
Bad Company @CMDeerfoot
Slinger @ZonR
Grave Digger @Jack Merkle
Dragon @Double.D ッ
Monster Energy @DannyMackey
Mohawk Warrior @El Hulkster
Megalodon @Rogelio Hernandez
Monster Energy @AaronLurie
Stone Crusher @Josh Gajewski
Soldier Fortune Black Ops @FridgeDealer
Zombie @Jaden G
Grave Digger @Brandon Adam
Megalodon @overloardazAZ
Max-D @Vincent Akard
Scooby-Doo! @Tylinater
El Toro Loco @Jeremy C.

Soldier Fortune @Brad Kerlin

Rising Star Showcase
Avenger @Konner Bauer
Vendetta @soggyenchiladas
Jurassic Attack @zero_mass
Blue Thunder @RORmadness
Alien Invasion @Chazzymp
Dragon @GlitchyGav
Wild Side @Colt Durham

Terminal Velocity @Night[M]are

Two Wheel Skills
Grave Digger Brandon Adam
Grave Digger Alex Ferullo
Bakugan Dragonoid Izzy Martinez
Scooby-Doo! Max Halpert
Jurassic Attack Jackson Meszaros
BroDozer Nick Worthmen
El Toro Loco Jeremy Castillo
Monster Energy Danny Mackey

High Jump
BroDozer Nick Worthmen
Megalodon Rogelio Hernandez 
Bakugan Dragonoid Izzy Martinez
Dragon Devin Doss
Max-D Fire @AwesomeBear48
Bad Company Chadwick Deerfoot
Over Bored Blake Thompson
Monster Mutt @Chris B


Good Luck to everybody this weekend! I hope you are as excited as we are! 

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What an incredible two nights of action as we crowned 3 new champions in 4 competitions!! One of my favorite events ever and I hope we can keep things rolling for XMT and Quarter 2!

Rising Star Showcase - Colt Durham Wild Side
Two Wheel Skills - Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid
Racing - Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid
High Jump - Nick Worthmen BroDozer
Freestyle - Devin Doss Dragon

Racing Brackets: https://challonge.com/RORMJLWorldFinals5 https://challonge.com/RORMJLRSS

Freestyle Results

Devin Doss 9.472
Chadwick Deerfoot 9.259
Blake Thompson 9.178
Josh Gajewski 9.157
Alex Ferullo 9.069
Max Halpert 8.979
Jeremy Castillo 8.940
Vincent Akard 8.774
Brandon adam 8.743
Chris Pervolarakis 8.665
Jack Merkle 8.613
Rogelio Hernandez 8.476
Adrian Cooper 8.468
Brad Kerlin 8.397
Danny Mackey 8.229
Jayden McClam 7.370
Jax Cohen 7.282
Nick Worthmen 6.825
Colt Durham 6.802
Izzy Martinez 5.677
Jackson Meszaros 3.524
jaden greene 0.000
Aaron Lurie 0.000
Tyler May DNC


Thank you to everyone who competed and made this season successful, we'll see you again soon 😉

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